This week on the Philippine Stock Exchange, ten companies led as the top weekly price gainers, with Medco Holdings Inc. (MED) at the forefront, witnessing a 39.56% rise in its stock price to PHP 0.127, reported.

Despite a negative Price-Earnings Ratio (PER) of -71.51, investor enthusiasm for Medco’s potential was evident. Metro Alliance Holdings & Equities Corp. “A” (MAH) followed closely with a 39.53% increase to PHP 0.6, despite negative earnings indicators, hinting at speculative interest or expected growth.

TKC Metals Corporation (T) showed a robust gain of 36.62%, closing at PHP 0.485, with a positive financial outlook underscored by a PER of 11.11. Philippine Infradev Holdings Inc. (INFRA) and Philippine Estates Corporation (PHES) also made notable gains of 31.48% and 20%, respectively, reflecting strong investor confidence in their prospects.

Other key performers included LBC Express Holdings Inc. (LBC), Mabuhay Holdings Corporation (MHC), Cemex Holdings Philippines Inc. (CHP), STI Education Systems Holdings Inc. (STI), and AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp (ALLHC), highlighting the market’s vibrancy and investor interest across diverse sectors. Despite varying financial ratios, the overall bullish sentiment indicates a market driven by optimism and speculative trading.