Wipro Limited announced an expanded collaboration with Intel Foundry to accelerate chip design innovation. As the key Design Services and Alliance Partner, Wipro will work with Intel Foundry to accelerate the development of Intel’s most advanced process nodes, including the Intel18A process node.

The global AI chip market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38 percent annually from 2023 to 2032. This collaboration between Wipro and Intel Foundry is designed to address the rising demand for AI chip manufacturing, as companies race to roll out generative AI-enabled products.

Wipro’s design services strength paired with Intel Foundry’s manufacturing prowess will enable clients, especially across heavy industries, such as automotive, industrial, and telecommunications sectors, to leverage Gen AI-driven designs and foundry services to drive ongoing innovation.

Atul Kapur, Vice President & Business Head – HiTech at Wipro Limited, highlighted the partnership’s strategic importance, noting that it positions Wipro at the heart of the semiconductor industry’s evolution.

He emphasized the potential for this collaboration to bolster chip supply and manufacturing capabilities, thereby accelerating the delivery of silicon devices with industry-standard flows and process technologies from Intel Foundry.

Harmeet Chauhan, Global Head of Wipro Engineering Edge, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing Wipro’s readiness to leverage Intel18A technology.

The collaboration aims to enhance design flows with AI applications, ensuring silicon availability through Intel’s global fabrication plants. This is expected to deliver a geo-diverse and resilient semiconductor supply chain, addressing silicon shortage issues across various industries and geographies.

Rahul Goyal, Vice President & General Manager, Product & Design Ecosystem Enablement at Intel Foundry, welcomed Wipro’s expertise and commitment to delivering value across industries. This partnership is seen as a boon for global customers, leveraging Wipro’s extensive experience in technology services. – BusinessNewsAsia.com