CEBU CITY, Philippines – The Cebu City Council has officially passed a resolution requesting the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to conduct a feasibility study on establishing a railway system within the city.

Authored by Councilor Rey M. Gealon, the resolution aims to explore the potential of a railway network to enhance the city’s transportation infrastructure, promote economic growth, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Acknowledging the vital role of efficient, effective, and secure transportation systems in achieving national prosperity and improving the quality of life for all, the resolution cites the Philippine Constitution’s mandate for the state to foster a just and dynamic social order.

Railways, recognized for their climate-smart and efficient transportation of people and freight, are seen as a solution to the city’s growing transportation needs and environmental concerns.

The proposed study is inspired by the success of rail transport systems in global cities like Singapore, highlighting the benefits such infrastructure can offer to both residents and tourists in Cebu City.

By improving mobility and reducing traffic congestion, a railway system could significantly contribute to the city’s development and environmental sustainability efforts.

The resolution underscores the DOTr’s role as the primary entity responsible for the development and regulation of the country’s transportation systems.

It emphasizes that a railway system in Cebu City would align with the department’s mission to provide globally competitive, internationally compliant, and responsive transportation options.

Upon approval, the Cebu City Council has directed the Office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod Secretariat to furnish copies of the resolution to the DOTr for their information and guidance.

The initiative marks a significant step toward modernizing the city’s transportation landscape, with the potential to transform Cebu into a more accessible, efficient, and sustainable urban center.