The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) has named Jay Y. Yuvallos as its new President, a decision met with widespread approval from the business community.

Yuvallos, a prominent figure in commerce and industry, has been at the forefront of business innovation and leadership for decades.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Yuvallos has held significant positions including President of Interior Basics Export Corporation since 1994 and YZ Global Resources, Inc. since 2007.

His role as a Board Director at Sun Energy Developers Asia, Inc., and his involvement as the Philippine Representative for the EAST ASIA Business Council, highlight his strategic influence and international reach.

Beyond his business acumen, Yuvallos has contributed to various sectors through advisory roles at Carmen Copper Corporation and Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development Corporation.

His commitment is also reflected in his service as Chairman and Trustee at Bradford United Church of Christ, Inc., and his past leadership roles within the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc., and as Chairman of Cebu X (International Furniture Exhibition).

Yuvallos’s academic background, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce Major in Accounting from the University of San-Jose Recoletos, underpins his professional achievements.

His longstanding membership in esteemed organizations since 1991 further attests to his reputation as a trusted leader in the field.

As CCCI President, Yuvallos is expected to leverage his vast experience and leadership skills to drive economic growth and foster greater collaboration within Cebu’s vibrant business community.

His election to this pivotal role marks a new chapter for the CCCI, as it continues to advocate for the interests of the business sector in the region. –