HOFA Gallery returns to Art Central Hong Kong from 28 to 31 of March 2024, eager to captivate audiences at Booth B11 with a showcase titled ‘Abstract Actuality’. Presenting the works of eight internationally renowned artists, exhibiting Ilhwa Kim, Jan Kaláb, Mary Ronayne, Hannes Schauer, Alejandro Monge, Li Jie, Breakfast and Sougwen Chung, that intentionally play with the realms of reality.

Alejandro Monge, I.S., 2024, Fiberglass, Concrete and Pigments, 40 × 25 × 20 cm
Alejandro Monge, I.S., 2024, Fiberglass, Concrete and Pigments, 40 × 25 × 20 cm

Elio D’Anna, co-founder of HOFA, elaborates by stating, “Art Central is renowned for pushing the boundaries of contemporary art since its inception and HOFA is proud to exhibit alongside Asia’s most innovative galleries alongside distinguished artists from around the world.”

For 2024’s edition of Art Central, HOFA, the renowned contemporary London gallery, presents a captivating array of eclectic contemporary subjects, accentuating the profound connections engendered by explorations of mind, matter and nature intertwined, challenging the aspects of abstract vs actuality.

Ilhwa Kim’s artworks showcase the mastery of patience, guiding viewers into a contemplative state. Her commanding perspective deftly manipulates precision, depth, and space, evoking elusive imagery that invites interpretation through the lens of each individual’s perspective.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Jan Kalab’s work reflects a conflicting spectrum, oscillating between the spontaneity of graffiti and controlled geometric forms. His method is essentially a documentation of experimenting with a repertoire of medium, motion, and variation.

Mary Ronayne’s artistry is marked by her remarkable skill with fluid enamel, capturing the dynamic energy and movement of her subjects with immediacy. Through her figurative yet abstract compositions, she achieves a captivating aesthetic that radiates playfulness, in delightful contrast to the meticulous control she maintains over the narrative.

Regarded as a refuge from the world’s noise, Hannes Schauer’s art serves as a space for quiet contemplation, akin to communing with nature. His highly embodied and intuitive process involves laying the canvas on the floor and expressively splashing it with highly diluted ink and acrylic paint, shaping its precipitation and atmospheric turbulence in a spiritual ritual.

Alejandro Monge’s portraits defy the confines of flat canvases, reaching beyond the visual limits of two-dimensional art. His works, influenced by Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro and the mastery of John Singer Sargent, possess a sculptural quality that pushes against the boundaries of traditional space. Monge’s painted elements exhibit a hyperrealistic allure reminiscent of photography, skilfully deceiving the vision of the observer.

Establishing himself as a dedicated researcher in the field of oil painting, Li Jie actively portrays his commitment to continuous artistic growth. His unique perspective and aesthetic insights propels his experimentation with depth, layering and structure that defy the boundaries of two dimensional works. This duality of environment and experience has undoubtedly influenced his artistic vision, creating a compelling and diverse body of work that captivates art enthusiasts worldwide.

Breakfast pushes the boundaries of computer-driven kinetic art to generate an emotionally impactful aesthetic. At the heart of their work is a commitment to developing advanced artworks that seamlessly integrate deep concepts, software, and hardware. These pieces not only offer interactive experiences that bridge distances, but also narrate the profound stories shaping our rapidly transforming world.

Exploring the frontiers of human-machine connection, Sougwen Chung is a prominent artist and researcher, renowned for groundbreaking work in the realm of human-machine collaboration. Chung’s artistic endeavours transcend conventional boundaries, showcasing the intricate interplay between the mark-made-by-hand and the mark-made-by-machine.

‘Abstract Actuality’ HOFA Gallery (Booth B11) Art Central, Hong Kong, 28 – 31 March 2024

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