Philippine Airlines (PAL) has become the first Asian airline to implement SkyBreathe® OnBoard, a cutting-edge digital solution aimed at increasing fuel savings directly from the flight deck.

This initiative is part of a new partnership with OpenAirlines, a leader in fuel management solutions for the aviation industry.

The integration of SkyBreathe® OnBoard signifies a major advancement in PAL’s commitment to environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.

This user-friendly technology employs advanced algorithms and real-time data to assist pilots with fuel-saving measures during flights.

SkyBreathe® OnBoard is a component of the SkyBreathe® eco-flying platform, which is currently utilized by 66 airlines worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions and improve efficiency.

The system provides live, actionable recommendations to pilots, including in-flight shortcut opportunities for optimal fuel and time savings.

These real-time suggestions are based on the most commonly approved direct routes by Air Traffic Control, contributing to an anticipated 1% fuel savings per flight.

PAL’s decision to adopt SkyBreathe® OnBoard reinforces its position as an innovative leader in the Asia-Pacific region, showcasing a robust commitment to sustainability.

“Our dynamic partnership with OpenAirlines reinforces our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the aviation ecosystem,” said Capt. Stanley K. Ng, PAL President & Chief Operating Officer.

“Since we started working with OpenAirlines in 2022 with the implementation of SkyBreathe® Analytics, we have achieved significant fuel savings. We have decided to bring this partnership further by adopting the latest innovation from the platform, engaging pilots in applying fuel-efficient initiatives at the right time during the flight. We are convinced that bringing SkyBreathe® OnBoard will further improve PAL’s operational performance.”

Alexandre Feray, CEO of OpenAirlines, highlighted the significance of this collaboration: “During the flight, pilots are busy performing many tasks, and it’s hard to know which, when, and how to apply fuel best practices. SkyBreathe® OnBoard results from years of dedicated R&D and collaboration with pilots to build an app that can push relevant and timely notifications on fuel-saving opportunities for good and quick decision-making without additional workload. We are honored that Philippine Airlines has become our first customer in Asia-Pacific to adopt SkyBreathe® OnBoard.”

As the aviation industry increasingly focuses on sustainability, the partnership between Philippine Airlines and OpenAirlines demonstrates the transformative potential of digital solutions in promoting a greener future for air travel.