Philippine-based automotive battery maker Motolite is looking towards manufacturing lithium batteries in the country on the back of the rising popularity of electric vehicles here.

Lithium batteries, specifically lithium-ion batteries, are a critical component in EVs due to their high energy density, long lifespan, and ability to deliver consistent power.

“Motolite is definitely looking at manufacturing lithium batteries in the country because we know that there is a need, especially with the popularity of EVs in the Philippines. There might be an announcement this year or in the following years,” said Camille Fabrero, Brand Activation Supervisor at Motolite.

Motolite is already selling lithium batteries at select outlets but these batteries are not manufactured in the Philippines. The lithium batteries that it is selling are for EVs, e-bikes, golf carts, and other electric-powered vehicles, Fabrero added.

Fabrero and other Motolite executives were in Cebu to launch Motolite Express Hatid (MEH) campaign, which gives Cebuanos 24/7 access to Motolite’s free battery delivery, installation, and trade-in services.

This recent expansion of MEH will cover areas in Cebu City, Mandaue City, and Lapu-Lapu City. Motorists in these areas no longer need to visit Motolite outlets directly, as nearby branches will be able to send the batteries ordered straight to their homes or locations.

Aside from replacing batteries, technicians deployed under MEH can provide other services, such as battery checkups, installation, roadside assistance, overheating assistance, and refueling assistance, among others.

“We want to offer the easiest way to get batteries as part of our commitment to provide fast post-sale services,” Fabrero stressed.

Motorists who seek assistance under the MEH program are assured that technicians will reach them as fast as 45 minutes, depending on their location and distance from the participating Motolite outlets.

The MEH campaign also enables motorists to trade in their used batteries, thereby eliminating the effects of unused batteries on the environment. Motolite partners with a recycling facility to handle the used batteries.

MEH technicians will also be using eco-friendly GEMI M6 Electric Vehicle M6 Motorcycles as part of their Delivery service fleets. By using electric powered motorcycles, MEH CEBU aims to be more sustainable.

Since EV motors do not use fuels such as diesel and petrol, it will contribute to the reduced exhaust and fumes that might otherwise come from traditional motorcycles.

Motolite’s car battery delivery service provides diverse payment options. Customers can choose from cash, debit cards, credit cards, and even GCash in selected outlets. Additionally, installment plans and BDO credit card holders benefit from a convenient 3-month installment plan.