Malaysian Plantation Worker Believed To Be Eaten Alive By Crocodile

What started as a fishing trip of four friends turned tragic when one of the men, an oil palm plantation worker, suddenly went missing and was believed to have been eaten alive by a giant crocodile.

The incident happened Sunday in Sungai Kinabatangan in Kampung Sangau, Malaysia, said Kinabatangan district police chief Supt. A. Sahak Rahmat.

Police record showed that the victim, identified as Husin Haris, 40, went fishing in the area with three other friends. The man then went down to the riverbank to wash his face.

His friends, who were situated about 20 meters away did not see what happened to Haris, adding that they only heard splashes and the sound of rippling water.

It was then that they realized that their friend was missing. The police said one of the three men caught a glimpse of a huge crocodile hurriedly leaving the riverbank.

The police said fire and rescue personnel, along with policemen and personnel of the wildlife department conducted search and rescue operation Sunday but failed to locate the victim.

The friends said Haris could have been devoured by a crocodile but the police said an investigation will be launched to determine what really happened to the plantation worker. –