Japan, China and South Korea to Launch Visit East Asia Campaign

TOKYO, JAPAN – China, South Korea and Japan might be clashing on several political and territorial disputes but tourism leaders of the three countries are working together to promote East Asia.

The tourism chiefs of the three countries have decided to launch joint tourism event aimed at attracting visitors beyond East Asia through the “Visit East Asia Campaign”.

The three countries came up with the decision to launch the joint tourism event after holding the tourism ministers’ meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

A joint statement issued by the tourism chiefs of the three countries said they will enhance cooperation and information sharing among their branches in Europe and the United States to further entice Western tourists to come to East Asia.

They also agreed to make joint efforts to improve the interconnection and interworking system in the region and facilitate cooperation in tourism in terms of developing new tourism products.

The statement added that the three countries will make joint efforts in developing new tourism products, among others.

China also urged Japan to boost bilaterial tourism cooperation and exchanges as tourism plays an important role in enhancing understandings between the two countries.

Li Jinzao, head of China’s National Tourism Administration called for a more pragmatic tourism cooperation between China and Japan based on the goal of more convenient, more comfortable and safer tourism and the elimination of disadvantages in the two-way exchanges. – BusinessNewsAsia.com