CEBU, PHILIPPINES – BDO and American Express formally announced the launch of the American Express Cashback Credit Card.

In the Philippines, the Card will be issued exclusively by BDO with simple and straightforward features that provide card members with cash rebates for every purchase, whether local or overseas.

“Being to save on expenses is a priority of Filipino consumers,” says Ma. Nannette R. Regala, BDO Senior Vice President and Consumer Lending Group Marketing Head.

“This is precisely why we decided to make available in the market a credit card that provides outright cash rebates – with no minimum spend and no limit on the amount of cashback that card members can earn”.

For price-conscious consumers, the American Express Cashback Credit Card will prove to be the ideal card to pay for everyday expenses as well as big ticket items.

It is different from other cashback products in the market as its card members’ cash rewards are automatically credited to their accounts, no matter how much the value of the purchase is.

American Express Cashback Credit card members will earn 1 percent cashback on all local purchases and 2 percent cashback on every overseas purchase.

As an introductory offer, card members will enjoy a special 5 percent cashback rate for purchases made locally and overseas until 31 August 2015. –