Malaysia Gets First Private Specialised Clinic for Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

KUALA LUMPUR – The battle against drug and alcohol addiction just got a boost after Solace opened its first Specialised Clinic at Global Doctor’s Hospital in the upmarket Mont Kiara area of Kuala Lumpur.

The clinic officially opened for appointments on 1st August 2015.

The clinic caters to Malaysians and Expats with Drug and Alcohol problems. It provides services including assessments for addiction and co-occuring disorders such as depression, ADHD including one on one counseling, group based counseling, family counseling and treatment planning.

Dr Prem Kumar Shanmugam, clinical director of the parent institution Solace Sabah, which is an addiction treatment center located in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, said that the inclusion of a private clinic in Kuala Lumpur gives people the opportunity to discuss this sensitive matter with professionals in a private and confidential manner.

“While government and community programs help the needy and the larger community, we would like to cater to the working class, businessmen and people who would like to deal with their addiction in a private, personalized and scientific manner and treat their addiction the same way you would a disease,” Dr Prem said.

Dr Seamus Macauley, who is the Program Director at Solace, stated that the Detoxification Unit is an excellent addition for Malaysia.

“In United Kingdom and other developed countries, people do not need to face withdrawals by being locked in rooms or suffer on beds. Without proper clinical care, people may get seizures, hallucinations and psychosis which may sometimes lead even to death. Now Malaysians needn’t suffer for their addictions and treat it with science,” he said.

Dr Prem added that he has seen instances where anti anxiety medication are prescribed for Alcoholics to calm them down in facilities and the same was provided upon discharge. Sometimes, mixing medication with alcohol can lead to certain death, that is why it is necessary to ensure that we have a detox protocol in place. It is all about training, he said.

This also brings to light Solace’s partnership with Global Doctors Hospital, which started operations in the year 2003 and is a household name in the local communities of Mont Kiara, Hartamas and neighboring Bukit Damansara.

Dr Prem said that the hospital, with its individual tailored, patient-centric health care fits directly into the methods employed by us, where every person affected by addiction gets a customised treatment plan based on their assessment. –