PLDT Capital Invests USD10 Million in US Firm Phunware

PHILIPPINES – Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) (PSE:TEL) (NYSE: PHI), through PLDT Capital, has entered into a joint venture with Phunware, whose world-first integrated applications platform enables companies to engage and manage relationships with their customers worldwide.

The new partnership involves a total investment of $10 million that will enable PLDT’s subsidiary, ePLDT, to market and exclusively distribute Phunware’s targeted mobile and multiscreen solutions in Southeast Asia.

Through its pioneering Multiscreen as a Service (MaaS) platform, Phunware gives companies everything they need to engage seamlessly with their customers through mobile devices, from indoor and outdoor location-based marketing and advertising to content management, notifications and analytics, to indoor mapping, navigation and wayfinding.

“Filipino and ASEAN consumers are among the most engaged users of mobile and digital services in the world,” said Winston Damarillo, Managing Director of PLDT
Capital and Chief Strategy Officer of PLDT.

The partnership of the PLDT Group and Phunware will also enable our corporate and
SME clients to address the growing needs and appetites of their digital consumers, Damarillo added.

Phunware currently supports more than 500 million monthly unique users globally on its multiscreen cloud platform, including branded application portfolios and infrastructure for hundreds of enterprise customers across more than 40 billion indoor and outdoor user events.

Phunware’s impressive list of top-tier customers includes CBS Interactive, NBC Sports, Dignity Health, GameStop, Mandarin Oriental and WWE amongst many others.

Highlighting the value of Phunware’s partnership with PLDT, Phunware Chairman,
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Alan S. Knitowski said, “With more than 70 million subscribers, PLDT instantly provides a large base of audiences and communities that will enjoy new and unprecedented levels of real-time engagement both indoors and outdoors across their favorite brands and venues.

At the same time, we look forward to expanding PLDT’s product portfolio.” ePLDT CEO and PLDT EVP Eric Alberto said the joint venture will provide an edge for companies that do business in retail, travel, hospitality and real estate.

“ePLDT is constantly seeking ways to provide strategic digital advantages for our customers,” he said. “Phunware’s market ready solutions – together with our other digital solution sets in the domains of Data Center, Cloud and Big Data – will enable
ePLDT to accelerate the ongoing digital transformation of large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses.”

ePLDT-Phunware services are set to launch within the next 90 days. –

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