Microsoft Philippines Announces Technology Manifesto

CEBU CITY – Microsoft Philippines announced here the “ICT for Shared Prosperity: A Technology Manifesto for the Philippines, 2016 and Beyond”, which identifies national challenges and issues that need to be addressed, and key technology pillars that can help in championing and driving economic progress in the Philippines.

The Manifesto identifies three economic growth drivers that rely heavily on technology for their operations: Business Process Outsourcing, now a US$20-billion industry in the country; Online Filipino Workers or freelancers, now estimated at over 1 million strong; and Small and Medium Businesses, which comprises of 99% of the total business landscape in the Philippines and contributes 35% to the national GDP.

Leveraging these growth drivers, Microsoft has identified challenges and key pillars that will help the country ultimately leapfrog technological development:

  • Preparing people for the future through 21st century education
  • Building a more equitable society by ensuring connectivity for all
  • Leveraging ICT to enhance competitiveness in a mobile-first, cloud-first world
  • Moving towards a 21st century government that uses technology to become more trusted, more efficient, and more responsive
  • Providing a safe and secure online environment for citizens, especially children, who represent the country’s future

Microsoft Philippines, which collaborated with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and the Asian Institute of Management, share the vision of how the Philippines can take the next step in its development process that is powered by the right technology.

Technology becomes crucial foundation for society – Microsoft Philippines

Karrie Ilagan, General Manager of Microsoft Philippines, said that there really has been a magnitude of change driven, or enabled by, technology and the way the world is thinking differently about reshaping the future through mobility, social, big data and the cloud.

“Technology has really become a crucial foundation for society,” she said. “We now continue to fulfill our role of harmonizing the thinking behind how ICT plays a part in this big task, and provide the necessary resources to make it happen, be it about solutions, expertise in the ICT sector, consulting, products, and services.”

Bringing the Manifesto to Cebu, Ilagan cited education as one of the major pillars that can be leveraged on in pushing the Manifesto goals, given how this Southern city has also been keen in pushing stronger academic foundations with the help of technology.

“This Manifesto is really a call-to-action for various industries and government entities who can help mobilize it and turn it into reality. We cannot do this alone; we need the help of everyone in society to ultimately champion this Manifesto and empower the nation to maximize technology to their advantage,” added Ilagan.

Microsoft Philippines Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The ICT Tech Manifesto also punctuates Microsoft Philippines’ own celebration of its 20th Anniversary, giving the local subsidiary front row seats to the evolution of technology not only in the country but across the world.

Microsoft in the Philippines has witnessed first-hand how technology has transformed and enabled many businesses, and saw the need to further this agenda that would help equip stakeholders with the right tools and skills to meet the ever changing needs of the business, economic and digital landscape.

“This manifesto is aimed at framing and advancing the discussions around a national ICT agenda, and we are keen on forming strong partnerships with civil society and industry stakeholders such as those present today to make this a reality. On the part of Microsoft, we will continue to develop secure platforms and infrastructure that enable industries to thrive and new companies to be born. And we will make tools that empower people and organizations to be more productive and respond quickly and effectively to the challenges they face,” concluded Ilagan. –

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