Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2016 Ceremony to be Held on 12 Jan, 2017

Remarkable enterprises awarded with high praise and public attention

HONG KONG — The award presentation ceremony of Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards (QOEA) 2016 organized by Quamnet, will take place on Jan 12, 2017 at The American Club Hong Kong. The awarded enterprises would be announced at the ceremony.

In addition to recognizing the outstanding performances achieved by the acclaimed enterprises last year, the ceremony would provide opportunity for the enterprises to share their insights in achievements. All sectors of management, notable guests and media are invited to join the ceremony.

Marking the 8th anniversary of QOEA

Being a leading financial website in Hong Kong, Quamnet not only focuses on the financial field, but also the accomplishments of Hong Kong industries which attract public attention. The awards, instituted in 2009, are organized by Quamnet and aim to identify and highly praise the excellent performance of Hong Kong enterprises.

The judging panel of QOEA is formed by the Quamnet editorial team, Quam research team, and independent financial analysts. Each nominated enterprise is required to submit their company profile and the self-evaluation report for assessment and selection. The committee will then use eight categories to select the most representative enterprises.

The eight categories include excellent products and services, brand reputation, philosophy of operation, marketing strategies, sustainable development strategies, accomplishments, corporate social responsibility and unique business philosophy or development.

This year we celebrate the eighth year of QOEA, with theme of “Leading with wisdom”, which means all winning companies took the lead to define Hong Kong and boost up Hong Kong economy.

Remarkable performances of enterprises are highly praised, 20 categories will be awarded

Quamnet has been actively advocating good culture of remarkable enterprises for years, which makes QOEA well-known and recognized from the public and all industries. This year marks the eighth anniversary of QOEA, a total of 20 award categories will be presented in the ceremony. Awards list as below.

Mr Bernard Pouliot, Chairman of Quam Financial Services Group, said: “The QOEA has come to its 8th year and received a record number of entries from diverse industries. QOEA winners this year keep raising the bar by displaying their versatility in leadership and entrepreneurship which plays a key role, to spur Hong Kong business community despite difficult economic conditions.”

In addition, Dr Kenneth Lam Kin Hing, Deputy Chairman and CEO of Quam Limited said: “Over the past eight years, more and more enterprises have been recognised. They are all leaders in various industries and also the backbone of Hong Kong’s economy. I believe the awards can be a driving force to motivate them further.”

Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2016 Categories (Alphabetical Listing by Award Name)
1. Outstanding Airline Services 2016
2. Outstanding Business Appraisal and Valuation Services 2016
3. Outstanding China Real Estate Enterprise 2016
4. Outstanding Commercial Property Operating Strategies 2016
5. Outstanding Corporate Governance 2016
6. Outstanding Cross-Border Financial Services 2016
7. Outstanding Derivatives Trading Services 2016
8. Outstanding Financial Services 2016
9. Outstanding ICT Solution Provider 2016
10. Outstanding Investment and Development of Infrastructure 2016
11. Outstanding Investor Relations 2016
12. Outstanding Jewelry Retail Network 2016
13. Outstanding Life Insurance Company 2016
14. Outstanding Listed Company of Apparel Labels and Packaging Printing Products 2016
15. Outstanding Logistics Solution Provider 2016
16. Outstanding Mobile Banking Services 2016
17. Outstanding MPF Provider 2016
18. Outstanding SME Service Provider (Bank) 2016
19. Outstanding Valuable Enterprise 2016
20. Outstanding Warrant Issuer 2016

Grand ceremony supported by elite and media

The award presentation ceremony of QOEA 2017 will be held on Jan 12, 2017 at The American Club Hong Kong. Quamnet is honoured to invite:

1. Dr Haywood Cheung, President of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society
2. Dr Cho Kwai Chee, Roy, Permanent Honorary President of Hong Kong Commerce, Industry & Professionals Association.
3. Mr Choy Sze Chung, Jojo, Permanent Honorable President and Vice Chairman of the Institute of Securities Dealers Ltd
4. Professor Jeffrey Phoenix Hui, Chairperson, Hong Kong Institute of Marketing
5. Professor Raymond W.M. So, BBS, JP, Dean, School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University
6. Mr Michael M.S. Wong, President, Society of Registered Financial Planners

Supporting media partners include Economic Digest, Metro Daily, The Standard, StockQQ.com, Eastmoney, CNFOL, P5W, FX 168, FXGold, Caiguu and so on. The prizes and product sponsors include FX Creations International Limited, Hamilton Hill International Kindergarten, Mission Hills Golf Club & Resort, Sanotact (HK) Limited (Impact Original Mints), Sentosa, Star Cruises (HK) Limited and Air Canada. – BusinessNewsAsia.com