BAIC Motor and Baidu Joint Hands to Promote Intelligent Upgrading of Vehicle at CES

HONG KONG — On January 6, 2017, US local time, BAIC Motor Corporation., Ltd. and Baidu Intelligent Vehicle jointly announced at the CES 2017 conference that the two sides would work together to promote the intelligent upgrade of automotive industry by reaching a comprehensive strategic cooperation in the field of intelligent vehicle. The intelligent development strategy of BAIC Motor also debuted in the public release.

At the ceremony, Mr. Zhang Xiyong, General Manager of BAIC Group said that the future development trend of the automobile industry should be deep integration of the traditional automobile enterprises and Internet business by collaborative innovation. BAIC Motor will spare no effort to integrate resources and speed up research and development process of intelligent driving technology. The intelligent strategy, jointly issued by BAIC Motor and Baidu Intelligent Vehicle, will help to promote technical upgrade of the two sides in intelligent technology, which will set an example for the development of intelligent vehicle industry and provide strategic guarantee for the two sides to achieve sustainable development in the future.

Mr. Zhang Yaqin, President of Baidu said that BAIC Motor was one of the most active automobile enterprises to promote intelligent upgrade of vehicle, which would set an example for automobile intelligent upgrade in the world. The intelligent upgrading of the automobile industry was not a small project, which would need not only participation of powerful automobile manufacturers, but also that of Internet companies.

The agreement signed by BAIC Motor and Baidu said that the two parties would establish close and win-win cooperation in the fields of intelligent vehicle, Internet of Vehicle, L3 intelligent driving, high-precision map and vehicle map, co-brand operation and other emerging fields. Strategic cooperation partnership, so as to achieve technological development in the cooperation field, market applications, resource and information sharing, optimization and common development. Cooperation would cover the following aspects: depth cooperation in high precision map; automotive solutions applications based on Baidu’s CarLife, MyCar and CoDrive and so on; in-depth cooperation based on L3-level intelligent driving technology; the establishment of joint laboratories; brand and product marketing; as well as cloud platforms and large data technologies, etc.

In addition, the two sides would carry out cooperation in L3-level automatic driving technology and high-precision map, so as to promote launching vehicle networking solutions in production models of BAIC Motor. They would also comprehensively apply Big Data by deeply referring to the data from BAIC Motor. The two sides said that in 2017 the two sides will jointly launch models with the solution of Internet of vehicles, and made road test of L3 auto-driving model of BAIC Motor at the end of 2017.

At the same time, BAIC Motor announced the integrated intelligent vehicle development strategy system named “NOVA-PLS” for the first time to achieve leadership in the intelligent driving NOVA-Pilot, intelligent connected NOVA-Link, intelligent cockpit NOVA-Space with “One entity of three dimension”. As a national leader in independent research field, BAIC Motor has a positive experience in wealth reserves of engineering staff with development experience, which will effectively promote the research and development process of automatic driving technology and becomes the best choice for cooperation as a cross-border between Internet companies and traditional automobile enterprises.

The intelligent upgrading in the automobile industry has become an inevitable trend of the industry, BAIC Motor has set “Intelligent” strategy as the main line in the exploration of transformation from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented and innovative enterprise. The intelligent strategic cooperation between BAIC Motor and Baidu shows the possibility of deep integration of traditional manufacturing industry and the emerging Internet industry. The both parties will play their respective advantages, minimize the R & D cycle of self-driving cars, and jointly promote the intelligent driving, which will bring a new experience for travelling in the future.