NetLinkz Completes Partnership Deal with Whitehorse Technologies

NetLinkz Limited (ASX:NET) has completed a reseller agreement with Whitehorse Technologies, Inc., of Arlington Virginia, USA, after several months of negotiation and product testing.

Whitehorse specializes in global data analytics networking, data fusion, security solutions and providing enabling technology development.

Founded in 2014, the business services a wide spectrum of clients including, financial institutions, telecommunications providers and government agencies.

Whitehorse has identified five major customers for whom the NetLinkz products would provide a significant value proposition in the enablement of their security ecosystems.

Three of the prospective customers are government entities and two are large commercial enterprises. Four are based in the United States and one in the Middle East.

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WhiteHorse and NetLinkz will be conducting a series of ‘proof of concept’ trials to showcase the technology and its suitability for customer specific use cases.

These cases potentially represent significant license volumes in the future.

“We at Whitehorse Technologies are very pleased to begin this journey of corporate partnership with Netlinkz. The combination of our respective capabilities, indeed, the cutting edge technologies brought to the fore by Netlinkz and which will doubtless be a signature offering for Whitehorse, along with our unique access to and understanding of key markets, comprises a unique and exciting formula for success,” said Whitehorse Chief Operating Officer Joe Bianco.

The Whitehorse partnership is in line with the company’s new low cost licensing model which will see strategic partners deploy the technology to pre-existing customer bases, with Netlinkz receiving licensing revenues.

“For us, this agreement represents further successful progress in the company’s go-to-market strategy of leveraging well connected solution providers in targeted markets and industry verticals,” said NetLinkz Executive Chairman James Tsiolis.

Whitehorse is a highly credentialed technology solutions provider with a strong client base in the United States, he added.

“It is well positioned to deliver the technology to its clients in both the government and commercial sectors and Netlinkz is looking forward to working with the business to drive the current opportunities to a successful conclusion for all,” said Tsiolis. –