Decker & Co. hosts Masan Group and Techcombank (Vietnam) in U.S. Non-Deal Roadshow


Masan Group is Vietnam’s largest conglomerate; holds a stake in Techcombank 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — All-Asia institutional equities broker Decker & Co. hosted Masan Group Corporation (MSN.VN) and management team members from Vietnam’s Techcombank in a U.S. non-deal roadshow concluding today. Masan Group, Vietnam’s largest conglomerate, owns 26% of Techcombank, Vietnam’s largest private bank.

“Strong investor interest in Techcombank, given its status as Vietnam’s fastest-growing consumer bank and its planned initial public offering, comes as no surprise given its growth potential and the outperformance of Vietnamese consumer stocks in general,” said Mark Decker, founder and CEO of Decker & Co., which has offices in the U.S. and Asia. “We are honored to host management from both Techcombank and Masan Group in the U.S.”

Vietnam is an underpenetrated banking market with a middle class expected to double to 33 million people by 2020, providing significant opportunities in the financial sector. As the fastest-growing consumer bank, Techcombank is seen as poised for strong future growth as Vietnam’s financial inclusion accelerates.

In addition to its stake in Techcombank, Masan Group is active in other consumer segments, including food and beer, and in mining. See