FinEX Asia Secures Hong Kong Advising on Securities and Asset Management Licenses

HONG KONG — FinEX Asia Investment Limited (“FinEX Asia”), an investment management arm of Hong Kong-based global FinTech platform, today announced it has received Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) approval for Advising on Securities and Asset Management licenses. As an international financial center, Hong Kong is best placed as the link between Asian investors and international assets, leveraging on mainland China’s FinTech landscape.

“FinEX Asia is pleased to have received our SFC licenses.’ said Ms. Maggie Ng, Founder and CEO of FinEX Asia. “We appreciate the guidance we have received from the SFC during this thorough and detailed process. We believe Hong Kong is well positioned to be a global leader in fintech and are excited to play a key role in this development journey.” FinEX Asia aims to provide a highly transparent platform that leverages on its tech capability to bring high-quality assets to institutional and professional investors.

“FinEX Asia’s new milestone demonstrates how Hong Kong is the ideal FinTech hub for scaling a business globally. It showcases a business model on how the US assets meet the mainland Chinese technology in Hong Kong to reach international investors, and unveils the massive and boundless potential of Hong Kong’s FinTech ecosystem”, said Mr. Charles d’Haussy, Head of FinTech of Invest Hong Kong.

“FinTech has become more and more of a common dialogue within Hong Kong regulators and industry incumbents. There are increasing numbers of FinTech initiatives and collaborations to develop FinTech innovation, research and talents. We are pleased to see that FinEx Asia received the SFC licenses,” said Mr. Anthony Sar, Founder of Finnovasia, a key program partner for Hong Kong FinTech Week.