BNI Launches New Credit Card Product with JCB



Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia — PT Bank Negara Indonesia Persero Tbk (“BNI”) and PT JCB International Indonesia, a subsidiary of JCB International Co., Ltd., the international operations subsidiary of JCB Co., Ltd. (“JCB”) today launch a new product of credit card for the mass segment, called BNI JCB Gold Card. This product, which comes in two designs: Generic and Doraemon Edition, is mainly targeting the first jobber, young, Japan lover and people who have a strong attraction to the Doraemon character.

The launching ceremony was attended by President Director of JCB Indonesia, Mr. Koichiro Wada, and General Manager Card Business Division of BNI, Mrs. Corina Leyla Karnalies in Surabaya, on 19 December 2017. This new product will strengthen the relationship between BNI and JCB.

Previously, BNI and JCB have issued a credit card for the platinum segment. By having BNI JCB Gold Card in the BNI product line, BNI and JCB can serve a wider segment, and present the BNI and JCB brand to the young generation with high quality services, benefits and attractive designs to meet the needs and progressive lifestyles of Indonesian customers.

Talking about the Doraemon design card, Doraemon is one of the most famous characters not only in Japan but around the world. The Doraemon character is so close in the minds of children and even adults as a cheerful character in Indonesia. The popularity of Doraemon has a massive potential to make this new product attract specific segment customers that existing products did not reach. BNI and JCB will aim to have a more extensive presence with this new product that is the first Doraemon credit card in Indonesia.

BNI – Card Business Division, Corina Leyla Karnalies, said, “BNI continues to meet the various needs of customers of BNI Credit Card product owners. BNI provides BNI JCB Gold Card members with a wide range of benefits including free annual member fee for the first year, and free for the second year if there is a transaction in the first year.” In addition, BNI JCB Gold Card members are entitled to get 1 reward point for each Rp 2,500 spent. With these benefits, this BNI JCB Gold Card is suitable to be owned by young customers and first jobbers.

In addition to these, that JCB provides various services to the customer. JCB has many privilege merchants across Indonesia including dining merchants and also has special programs with travel and e-commerce merchants. In terms of international services, JCB provides lounge service in the center of the city in several famous travel destinations such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, Taipei and Paris. With the BNI JCB Gold Card, customers can enjoy all these services. These services satisfy the needs of the target segment for this card.

BNI has a long history as the first bank in Indonesia established by the national government in 1946, which contributes to positive growth in the credit card business. BNI is also sitting in the top level of the card market, in both the number of cards issued and the number of merchants acquired.

Combining BNI achievements and strong network in Indonesia with JCB Japan quality and technology, we can be assured that this collaboration can accelerate the growth of electronic payment, deliver added value to merchants and provide a better experience for cardholders in more segments.