JCB, in partnership with Global Football Academy, holds soccer events for children in Southeast Asia – Part 1 Myanmar


Around 130 children participate in this event

Yangon and Tokyo — JCB Co., Ltd. (JCB) partnered with Global Football Academy (GFA) operated by Samurai Pte Ltd. to hold soccer events for children in Southeast Asia. The first event was held in Yangon in Myanmar for two days on 17 and 18 December 2017. JCB is considering holding soccer events in other countries in Southeast Asia in the future.

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Soccer is a very popular sport in Southeast Asia for both adults and children. JCB and GFA, which does soccer and other related business in Southeast Asia, are showing children in Southeast Asia just how fun sports can be and at the same time deepening the friendship between Japan and Southeast Asian countries through soccer. At this event in Yangon, famous soccer players and coaches active in the Myanmar National League taught and played together with around 130 children.

JCB and GFA will continue to contribute to society and promote communication with the people of Southeast Asia via soccer in the future as well.

Overview of the soccer event for children in Myanmar
1. Host
Hosted by: JCB
Organized by: GFA
Supported by: Myanmar National League soccer players and coaches

2. Date, location and participants
(1) Date: 17 December 2017, Sunday
Place: Myanmar Football Federation Thuwunna Stadium in Yangon.
Participants: Around 100 participants including around 90 children
(2) Date: 18 December 2017, Monday
Place: Dream Train in Yangon
Participants: Around 50 participants including around 40 children