Neo Telemedia Appoints Big Data and IoT Expert Dr. Gong Zhengjun as Chief Scientist

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To Enhance the Capability of “Big Data Innovation Alliance” and Fortify the Group’s Presence in Big Data Industry

HONG KONG — Neo Telemedia Limited (“Neo Telemedia” or the “Group”; stock code: 8167), which focuses on internet and big data operations, has strived to become a provider of next generation integrated internet services and solutions. The Group has not only forged partnership with different parties, but also established the “Neo Telemedia Big Data Innovation Expert Alliance*” (“Big Data Innovation Alliance*”) last September to aid development of its big data operation. On 2 February 2018, the Group appointed Dr. Gong Zhengjun, who has rich experience in the big data and Internet of Things (“IoT”) areas, to be its Chief Scientist. The Group hopes to keep fortifying its capabilities by bringing in more talent.

Dr. Gong Zhengjun graduated from the Xidian University, where he majored in computer magnetic field and microwave technology. He has nearly 30 years of experience in IoT and had held senior positions in many smartphone and electronics companies, leading teams in introducing products and technologies, and building R&D platform, thereby encouraged the domestic mobile phone industry to adopt new development models. Currently, he puts his focus on new energy and IoT construction, applying his relevant expertise with R&D team support. He is also the IoT technology consultant of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chairman of the IoT Branch of Smart City Association of Shenzhen*. The direction of his research agrees with that of the strategy of the Group in developing in the big data area. Upon Dr. Gong joining the Group, the management believes that the development of Neo Telemedia and the Big Data Innovation Alliance will be enhanced.

Dr. Gong Zhengjun said, “Neo Telemedia has an outstanding management team and abundant industrial resources. Capitalizing on its extensive platform, I hope to be able to explore big data in much greater depth and, with a focus on developing innovative business models, help the Group continuously expand its business.”

With big data and cloud computing gaining prominence in society, the Group has seized the opportunity to enter the US$100 billion IoT market. It set up the Big Data Innovation Alliance last year with the aim of meeting the demands of governments and corporate clients, as well as pooling wisdom via financing platforms to help the Group quickly respond to the needs of the industry and drive the development of its big data business. The Group hopes to take advantage of the strategic positioning of the alliance to offer planning consultation services to the government and industrial IoT sectors, explore innovative business models and find more cooperative partners, all for consolidating its industry position and broadening its customer base.

Looking ahead, the Group will tap the advantages of the Big Data Innovation Alliance and its talented team, putting their strengths in scientific research and technologies to full use, continue to explore potential investment and cooperation opportunities in the Internet data centre, cloud computing and big data sectors, so as to ultimately create social and economic value, and take its business to new heights while also fostering development of the big data industry.