Subor attended “2018ChinaJoy – Debut of New Product and New Ecology”

SHANGHAI – (ACN Newswire) – Subor Culture Development Co. Ltd (“Subor”, formerly known as “Zhongshan Subor Culture Development Co. Ltd”), the joint venture company of Yi Hua Holdings Limited (“Yi Hua Holdings” or “the Company” and all its subsidiaries are collectively referred to as “the Group”; Stock Code: 2213.HK) attended “2018ChinaJoy – Debut of New Product and New Ecology” (“ChinaJoy”), which is held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from 3 August to 6 August, 2018.

Subor is a leading manufacturer of game console controllers and a leading developer of educational software and VR technology in China. This year, at Booth 09 of Hall E7, Subor announced its latest game eco product with a grand launch event. In addition to announcing the launch of the newly named “ZPlus New Gaming Computer” hardware products, Subor also joined hands with many well-known manufacturers in the industry, hereby forming a luxurious partnering lineup that comprehensively integrates content and hardware so as to make full comeback to the game market.

Mr. Chen Jianren, Chairman and Executive Director of the Group, is the founder and holder of the Subor brand. He not only looked back to the development and history of the Subor brand, but also elaborated the reasons for the nearly 20 years silence of the brand. Due to the game genes of the Subor team and their deep feelings for the brand, Mr. Chen finally offered his steadfast support and capital input for the restart of Subor’s journey.

Mr. Wu Song, CEO of Zhongshan Subor Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., introduced their cooperation project with Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD, a company in the U.S.): to develop semi-customized system chips (“System Chips”) for use by game consoles only for Subor. Prototypes of consoles equipped with System Chips are expected to be launched in around March 2018. Based on the current research and development progress, the Company expects that game consoles equipped with the customized system chips and related operating platforms will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2018.

AMD is one of the world’s leading suppliers of semiconductor products, which is also a supplier of game console chips for Sony and Microsoft. Regarding the development of video games, Subor has recently entered into an agreement with a UK-based game developer regarding the exclusive distribution in the Greater China region. It is expected that the new game will be released around May 2018. Subor is also negotiating with other well-known game developers on the potential cooperation or acquisitions of new games. The Group expressed its optimism in the future development of Subor, and showed its confidence that the new game console products launched by Suborwill bring superior returns to the Group.

In the subsequent new product release video, Subor announced the appearance, performance and selling points of the “ZPlus New Gaming Computer” for the first time. In addition to Microsoft’s strong support on the Windows 10 operating system, Subor ZPlus also became the only authorized enterprise of Microsoft IOT in the Greater China region. Besides the genuine Windows 10 operating system, there is an additional hermetic host mode. The introduction of the dual system not only allows players to enjoy an open and free PC environment, but also provides safe and stable customized services for games and e-sports in the host mode. In terms of game content, Subor has introduced the masterpiece “ONRUSH”, and it will cooperate with the famous Japanese developer Arc System Works to develop the latest generation of “Double Dragon” action game: “Double Dragon – Legend of War”.

Please refer to the schedule 1 for the properties of the Subor ZPlus New Gaming Computer products.

About Yi Hua Holdings
With a history of more than 20 years, Yi Hua Holdings is a leading integrated retailer based on the long-established department store chain in Shiqi, Zhongshan City. Since its listing, the Group has been committed to expanding its revenue sources. In addition to various measures for expanding its retail networks, the Group has also adjusted its existing business models of some chain department stores, thereby increasing its experience-based consumption items such as introduction of catering and entertainment merchants. Moreover, Yi Hua Holdings also expanded its market competitiveness through the acquisition of real estate companies, including the successful acquisition of Yunfu Tairui Baisheng Real Estate Development Company Limited in 2017.

Schedule 1

Properties of Subor ZPlus New Gaming Computer products:

AMD Customized Architecture Chips
– CPU Ryzen 4-core 8-thread 3Ghz +GPU Vega 24CUs; 1.3Ghz floating point operation; 4Tflops
– Latest AMD SoC 15Architecture
– 8G GDDR5 Large Bandwidth Memory
– VR ready

OS Unique dual system – Genuine Windows10
– System 1 is the standard Windows10 desktop system
– System 2 is a highly customized ZPlus game platform based on Windows10
— Customized UI and services for large-screen gaming experience; ready to use, no complicated configuration required
— ZPlus game store, Game DVR, one-click sharing, live streaming and other unique features
— Security-related functions: AMD PSB+TPM+MS Device Guard+ completely independent system; game console-level security mechanism; provide developers with the best copyright protection; provide players with a puree sports game environment free of plug-ins.
— Support for gamepad, mouse, keyboards and all major gaming peripherals
– Both systems support the unique low power mode (LPM), which allows 30w low power mute background download. The product can be used as a downloader, small home NAS, and remote control and other applications are supported
– Customized UEFI recovery, automatic network download of official system image to ensure user experience and hassle-free system maintenance

Selling points
– 4.9-litre mini size, built-in power supply, excellent heat dissipation design, suitable for living room, desktop and other scenes
– High performance: Compared with the 1050Ti graphics card, the graphics power of the Subor ZPlus New Gaming Computer is 30% better, capable of handling high-quality 3A game masterpieces
– Ultra-quiet: 33 decibels at full horsepower, so users can enjoy a quiet and comfortable gaming environment
– Customizable appearance to display your unique personality
– Built-in dual-band ac WIFI, Bluetooth 4.1, high-speed intervention wireless network
– Dual hard drives can be replaced without dismantling the machine; standard configuration of 128G solid state drive + 1T mechanical hard drive, and users can freely expand the storage space
– SPDIF optical high-definition audio interface offers high quality home theater sound effect
– Dual HDMI 2.0 interface fully supports VR, 4k60fps and HDCP1.4, eliminating the trouble of external HDMI expander
– 4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports available for easy connection to a variety of peripherals

Release time: August 2018
Official suggested retail price: RMB 4,998

About Subor
Founded in 1987, the Subor brand is a famous brand born in the early days of China’s reform-and-opening-up that specialized in the development, research, production and sales of educational electronic products. It has laid a good foundation for the learning and popularization of computer knowledge for children and adolescents in China. In the 1990s, the Subor Student Computer became overwhelmingly popular with its market share reached as high as 80%. In the TV commercial endorsed by movie star Jackie Chan, the slogan “Subor helps children grow towards the expectations of parents” made Subor a well-known household name across the country.

About ZPlus New Gaming Computer
In March 2016, after nearly 13 months of negotiations, Subor finally adopted AMD’s top-level technology to customize a high-end gaming processor for Chinese users, which aims to create a brand new game product as well as an ecosystem of both software and hardware ecosystem, deliver console game culture and enable every Chinese game player to enjoy the fun of games with better gaming experiences. The brand that bears the vision of Subor in revitalizing the console game market of China is named ZPlus New Gaming Computer.

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