BaseLayer launches Japan Branch Support Services (JBSS) to Launch and Promote Global Blockchain Projects in Japan

TOKYO – (JCN Newswire) – BaseLayer, Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hitoshi Kisou) has launched Japan Branch Support Services (JBSS) to help overseas blockchain-based projects to promote their service in Japan.

From market entry to promotion, we aim for the fastest penetration with blockchain.
Cryptocurrencies are becoming the new infrastructure for payments, and many projects have released new tokens to the market. Within that ecosystem, Ethereum is one of the most exciting and promising projects. As a revolutionary platform for trading securities and digitalizing debts, Ethereum has gained a lot of attention.

JBSS mainly supports overseas projects by providing services such as promotion, branding, and translations into Japanese. BaseLayer has provided our services to numerous projects including BlockMason and have received positive feedback regarding the speed and quality of our execution, ranging from assisting market entry to hosting real events (meet-ups). BaseLayer has packaged JBSS services and will further help overseas projects reach their full potential in Japan.

Content of JBSS Services

1: Japan branch website: Translate the project’s official website into Japanese
2: Website management: Translate announcements and releases into Japanese, and discuss which documents should be translated with the project entity.
3: Translation of white papers: Translate white papers for the Japanese audience to enhance understanding of the project, and make them downloadable from the official website.
4: Campaign Site with affiliate system: Create a campaign website that will funnel users to the official community (e.g., LINE and Telegram) and other official social media websites (e.g., Twitter). Projects will have the option to pay the affiliates in their tokens, ETH, or other cryptocurrencies.
5: Official Japanese community management: Create an official Japanese community (LINE and Telegram), cooperate with the official English community, and release information. Translate articles on the project’s website and release them via the official Japanese community. This enhances understanding of the project and thus loyalty to the project as well. Respond to various inquiries regarding the projects, tokens and more.
6: Official SNS management: Set up and manage official Japanese social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook page). Release information in conjunction with event and service press releases to increase the number of community members.
7: PR: Propose and execute effective PR strategies as a one-stop service. Propose operations that will increase appearances on TV, magazines, and web media. External partners will also assist with increasing project awareness. Promotion PR – Increase project brand recognition with branding PR that aims for maximum performance at low cost.
8: Airdrop: Support client’s airdrop execution.
9: Buzz marketing: Influencers on social media channels will spread information and create excitement in threads. This will increase the number of followers who understand the project’s mission, vision, and how it works, which will convert the m into true fans of the project.

Community management utilizing Telegram and LINE
Telegram is a communication tool necessary for anyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies. In the cryptocurrency industry, it is often used by projects to communicate their updates, and there are reportedly over 100 million users worldwide. JBSS will create an official Japanese community (Telegram), and in conjunction with the English community, release information regarding the project to deepen understanding. Furthermore, we will respond to various inquiries regarding the project, token and more in a timely manner, which will result in increased customer loyalty to the project.

LINE is the most common and influential communication tool in Japan. The number of active users is over 73 million. We broadcast information about clients such as project updates, partnership news and so on.

About BaseLayer Inc.
BaseLayer supports Ethereum Japan and will contribute to expanding awareness of Ethereum.
BaseLayer provides PR, marketing, and community management in the Japanese market as a one-stop service for overseas Ethereum projects.

BaseLayer Inc.
Hitoshi Kisou, CEO
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