Mansion International announces cooperation with Kidswant – China’s famous brand in mother-infant-children industry

In-house infant and toddlers clothing accessories brand – “MiDes” to enter Kidswant’s sales network in the PRC; Tapping China market through approx. 10 points-of-sale by end of year

HONG KONG – (ACN Newswire) – Mansion International Holdings Limited (“Mansion International”, together with its subsidiaries collectively referred as the “Group”; stock code: 8456), specialising in the manufacture and sale of baby clothing and clothing accessories for infants and toddlers, today announced that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Kidswant Children Products Co., Ltd.(“Kidswant”). Under the MOU, Kidswant will become the exclusive offline sales channel in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) for the Group’s in-house brand “MiDes”. Infant and toddler accessories and clothing products under the “MiDes” brand or collaboration brands between “MiDes” and Kidswant will be sold at all Kidswant stores in China. Mansion International will set up about 10 points-of-sale in a “store-within-a-store” format by end of the year, via the sales network of Kidswant located in Nanjing, Guangdong, Hefei, Hangzhou, Changzhou and Wuxi in the PRC.

With Kidswant being a leader in the mother-infant-children industry and a benchmarking enterprise for new retail businesses in China, the cooperation offers multiple advantages to Mansion International, and will also generate synergies for the two parties in terms of business scale, reputation and branding impact. From the perspective of scale, Kidswant has 227 stores and is speeding up store openings, helping to further promote the brand “MiDes” across China rapidly. From the perspective of cost-effectiveness, the Group will benefit from reduced spending on rent and cost of marketing, through Kidswant’s over-20-million-members’ network and its “commodity + service + social” full channel digital business model.

Mr Desmond Cheung, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Mansion International, said, “‘Your Baby Our Vision’ has always been our mission. The mission of Kidswant ‘Creating a better childhood for everyone’ actually aligns with ours. We are highly honoured to become a partner of Kidswant and establish a presence with our Hong Kong brand ‘MiDes’ at Kidswant stores.”

Ms. Lu Jing, Director of Commodity Channel of Kidswant and Mr. Liu Hao, Director of Channel Marketing of Kidswant said, “We are highly impressed by Mansion International’s painstaking approach, attentive service and caring attitude for children, which matches our business philosophy. We have quickly reached an agreement to embark on cooperation, through which we will be able to offer quality products to infants and toddlers in China, as well as to further optimise our service chain through the provision of seamless services to consumers, offering convenience to all parents and children in obtaining a variety of products and parenting services.”

About Mansion International Holdings Limited (stock code: 8456)
Established in 1993, the Group specialises in the manufacture and sale of baby clothing and clothing accessories for infants and toddlers. The Group manufactures and sells a wide range of baby fabric products directly to overseas co-manufacturer brand companies and designated sourcing companies mainly located in Hong Kong, the UK and the US. The Group has long-term business relationships with a number of their major customers, allowing the Group to develop a stable international customer base which includes some internationally-recognised baby clothing brands. The Group has established its OBM business in 2004 under its own brand “MiDes” and expanded its business, committed to providing children with “safe, comfortable, high-quality” clothing and supplies.

About Kidswant Children Products Co., Ltd.
Kidswant is a company engaging in the operation of big data for management of customer relationships. With the mission of “creating a better childhood for everyone”, Kidswant strives to become the preferred services provider of new families in China. The company has adopted an advanced loyalty membership model, through “technology + personalised services”, its omnichannels offer customers one-stop product solutions, parenting services and opportunities for social interaction. To date, Kidswant has opened 227 large-scale digitalised physical stores in 110 cities across 19 provinces in China. It has more than 5,000 registered parenting consultants with national certification, with annual sales exceeding RMB10 billion and serving 20,000,000 young Chinese families. Kidswant is the leader in China’s mother-infant-children industry sector and a benchmark enterprise using a brand new retail model.

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