Singapore’s First Minigolf Bar – The All-in-One Mini Golf Course and Cocktail Bar

Holey Moley
Singapore's first mini golf bar - Holey Moley

Holey Moley, the first mini golf club and bar in Singapore is set to open its doors in December 2018. Located at Clark Quay, where the former Shanghai Dolly used to be until it shut down in April this year, the Holey Moley will be a welcome change in nightlife activities by incorporating a mini golf course and a vibrant cocktail bar in one establishment.

The 27 holes of the course will feature popular TV show and board game themes including the Simpsons, Game of Thrones, nostalgic movies such as Jaws and E.T. Holey Moley promises great fun, music, and is just the right place for your social gatherings. We are talking about the ability to tee off in your mini golf game with a drink close at hand. It can’t get better than that!

Instagrammers will find Holey Moley’s cool wallpapers and neon designs unavoidable. Great place to take enough shots to drown your Instagram account. There’ll never be a shortage of your favorite delicacies at the new mini golf cocktail bar. There’s no point of suffering hunger pangs surrounded by interesting menu items including American burgers featuring neon colored buns, salads, and pizzas doing rounds endlessly. Don’t miss the huge 1.3-kilogram Monster Burger. Great for your Instagram feed too.

The Holey Moley bartenders are also all set to serve you classic cocktails including special treats such as Putta Colada and Austin Sours just to mention a few. Teetotalers are also covered with Mocktails and for those with a sweet tooth, you can try the Candy Man cocktail of margaritas and jelly beans topped up with candy floss.

The Holey Moley comes to Singapore thanks to Funlab. The company already runs other Holey Moley Mini Golf bars in Brisbane, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. The club’s design is already complete and has actually transformed the former Shanghai Dolly in ways you could never imagine. It now boasts of larger space that can hold up to 450 patrons on its two floors.

Music is the heart and soul of every club. The venue is expected to host to DJs spinning your favorite beats as you enjoy your putt-putt victory, spoil yourself with delicious meals, try out classic cocktails, or just have a great time with friends and colleagues. You better start preparing for your big date with Holey Moley as soon as possible or miss the fun before it even gets started.

The venue will also cater for your group events and parties. Whichever the occasion, you are guaranteed a great time if you hold it at Holey Moley. They have the best packages to suit your special event or occasion.

The opening of the new establishment on 6th December is set to take Singapore by storm. It’s a party you can’t miss. One thing we are sure of is that reservations will go fast. If you hate long queues or missing out on the next big event of the year, you’d rather reserve your spot today.


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