Short Term Business Financing in Hong Kong

Applying for a bank loan is a tedious process for many businesses, since a lot of documents are required. Many banks are also not willing to lend to new startups without a financial record, since they are worried that the loan will not be repaid. Hence many of the business and startups in Hong Kong are interested in other sources of loans and financing like Capital Match. Investors are always interested in diversifying their source of income, getting good returns and Capital Match has become of the more popular investment options in Hong Kong. This capital match review Hong Kong discusses the features of this P2P lending platform for investors and borrowers.

The amount available for business financing in Hong Kong, loans for small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong ranges from HK $50,000 to HK $12 million . Business can sell their unpaid invoices to get cash advances. The loan terms vary from three to twelve months. Businesses can get approval for opening an account within days. They can also get cash for their business, within 24 hours of their application being approved. Many businesses in Hong Kong who were unable to get help from banks for their working capital requirement, have got the required financing from Capital Match. Till date it has funded businesses for over US$95 million.

Most investors are interested in getting the best returns on their investment with the lowest risk of default. Most of the current investment options are giving very low yields. Hence Capital Match is one of the best investment options with a high interest rate of up to 24% on the principal, and timely repayment of the principal and interest. The investor can support a wide range of small, medium local businesses with his investment. Investors can choose to invest only in specific businesses based on the company profile. Capital match will assess the risk involved, and also manage facilities. –