Liveon, one of Vietnam’s leading movie studios, partners with Superfanz to kickoff its next CJ-backed blockbuster film and give fans unprecedented access to the movie’s cast.

After the recent soft launch in Thailand and Taiwan, Superfanz is expanding its footprint to Vietnam in partnership with the upcoming big-budget film Thoat E (True Love) by Live On.

Thoat E (True Love) is based on the popular Vietnamese series called Chien Dich Chong E, which is based on popular online fan fiction. The Chien Dich Chong E series revolved around the lives of 3 attractive yet single women in their 20s. The series’ theme quickly captured the cultural zeitgeist spawning popular catchphrases such as “Single life is the new trend.”

The movie focuses again on the lives of the same 3 characters 5 years later. Thoat E boasts some of the country’s most famous actors and actresses including household names such as Minh Hang, Bao Anh, Dieu Nhi, Thuan Nguyen and Quoc Truong.

Live On is partnering with Superfanz in order to further push the envelop on what’s possible with technology for its movie. Live On is using the Superfanz platform to create the fanpage for the film, offering exclusive VIP membership packages for fan clubs of actors and actresses. Fans will be able to get perks including visit to the filmset during the shoot, join the cast for lunch, and take part in the red carpet events.

Since Superfanz takes a hyper-local approach to the markets the company enters, Thoat E (True Love) will be able to have maximum reach and conversion. This is crucial because 95% of the Vietnamese audience consume entertainment in the local language and make online payment through methods such online banking, counter-service, scratch card, and e-wallet.

“Superfanz brings a very unique proposition to the Vietnam’s entertainment industry. With Superfanz’s platform we give fans unprecedented access to our cast, open new avenues of income for the stars, and generate ongoing buzz for our film, Chien Dich Chong E (True Love),” said Tai Do, CEO of Live On. “What we are doing with Superfanz will be the first for the Vietnam film industry.”

“I see this as a fan service,” added Dieu Nhi, one of Vietnam’s top actresses who plays the lead role in the film. “It rewards my fellow cast members’ super fans and give them exclusive ability to be on this journey with us from the first day of shooting all the way to the red carpet premiere. It’s very exciting.”

“Live On and the casts immediately understood Superfanz’s vision and how the platform can bring something completely new to the film industry. Our mission is always about giving top fans the place where they can get the most exclusive perks from their idols whether that be KOL, influencers, creators or celebrities,” said Oh Thongsrinoon, Superfanz CEO/Founder. “This partnership is the perfect showcase of the benefits we can give to fans, celebrities, and movie studio.”

With the entertainment industry hit hard by the pandemic, Superfanz’s expansion into Vietnam comes at the fortuitous time. KOL, influencers, creators, entertainers and celebrities are looking for more the creative ways to monetize their personal brands. They will be able to use Superfanz social fan club platform to generate extra income on top of their existing ones starting today and this partnership with Live On and the movie Thoat E (True Love) is the perfect showcase of what’s possible.

About Live On
Live On is one of Vietnam’s top movie studios with headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Live On produces some of the biggest blockbusters and well-known movies in Vietnam including titles such as Season for Love Song, Sai Gon I Love You, Mistress, and Happy Wedding.

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