Protective Technologies Commits $6.5m in IoT Firm Sonicu

Private equity firm Protective Technologies Capital (PTC) has committed $6.5 million in Sonicu, an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company that provides remote wireless monitoring solutions.

Sonicu has grown to serve a broad range of industries including; healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceutical, lean manufacturing, food safety, and industrial applications. Its web-based, SoniCloud software platform provides simplified implementation and scalability for enterprise customers, advanced asset protection, and streamlined regulatory compliance.

The SoniCloud platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services and utilizes wireless sensors that monitor sound, room pressure, room conditions, cold-chain temperatures, -80 freezers, ultra-low/cryogenic temperatures, ambient room temperature and humidity, and IoT applications.

Sonicu sensors transmit data securely via available 4G/5G LTE, Wi-Fi, and/or Ethernet. Users securely access SoniCloud from any web-enabled device for remote access and visibility from anywhere 24/7.

Sonicu’s system commonly replaces inadequate, labor-intensive manual data logging and legacy data logging/monitoring systems, while complementing existing building management systems found in larger facilities to provide a significant ROI and cost savings.

The company’s alarm handling architecture combined with built-in redundancy of data transmission, storage, and power, make the Sonicu system the most powerful asset protection and compliance platform available.

Commenting on the investment, Sonicu CEO Nick Tuttle said PTC’s “sizeable investment” will Sonicu to immediately hire software and hardware engineers and accelerate the company’s expansion.

“PTC’s investment validates all the hard work our executive team and employees have put into Sonicu over the years. I am looking forward to a bright future with significant next steps for Sonicu,” Tuttle said.

Tim Fries, Co-Founder of PTC shares: “We are a unique and different type of investment firm. We partner with high-performing, high-potential sensing, protection and control businesses by offering resources and experience to navigate change and accelerate growth. Sonicu meets our investment criteria perfectly and we plan on helping the management team accomplish its growth and productivity goals.” –