UNISOC-powered Fibocom L610-EU obtains GCF/CE/NCC Certification


SHANGHAI, CHINA, Dec 23, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – UNISOC, China’s CTTL, and Fibocom have announced the successful GCF/CE/NCC certification of the Fibocom L610-EU Cat 1 Module. The Fibocom L610, based on the UNISOC 8910DM, the world’s first LTE Cat 1 bis chipset platform, is an industrial-grade LTE Cat 1 module with maximum speeds of up to 10Mbps. GCF certification is a requirement for European operators, who require manufacturers to complete certification before entering the market.

Obtaining GCF, CE and NCC (National Communications Commission) certification is the result of close collaboration between Fibocom, UNISOC and CTTL (China Telecommunication Technology Labs). CTTL is the first laboratory with 3GPP Cat 1 bis GCF certification capacity and has provided rigorous certification services for the partnership. UNICOM, with a mission as the Digital World Eco-carrier, provides the core Cat 1 bis chip platform for the L610-EU.

Wei Ran, Director at CTTL, said, “CTTL has been paying close attention to the evolution of medium-speed IoT technology and market developments. We are optimistic that Cat 1 bis technology, which has been promoted by chipset manufacturers, most notably UNISOC, will achieve commercial success on a global scale by virtue of its data rate, terminal cost and network transformation cost. CTTL is the world’s first institution to formally qualify for granting 3GPP Cat 1 bis GCF certification. We aim to help domestic manufacturers such as Fibocom to participate globally with outstanding products. It is also important that CTTL becomes a comprehensive and large-scale inspection and test base for electronic information and communication equipment for domestic and international manufacturers.”

Judy Wei, Director of Product Marketing at Fibocom, said, “The Fibocom LTE Cat 1 L610-CN achieved domestic certification in April 2020, and the L610-EU has now achieved GCF/CE/NCC certification for Europe. Fibocom would like to thank UNISOC and CTTL for their strong support. With the GCF certification opening export to the world, the L610-EU, L610-LA, and other series products will be exported to Europe, Latin American, and other global markets. Based on L610-CN market reaction, we believe the L610 series will achieve great things in the global market.”

Allen Huang, Senior Vice President at UNISOC, commented, “UNISOC 8910DM, the world’s first Cat 1 IoT wide-area chipset platform, has quickly become the benchmark for medium-speed IoT products, with its advantageous technical specifications and technological maturity. The chipset platform has created many industry firsts since its release. Now, the 8910DM will officially enter the European, Latin American and other overseas markets based on the large-scale commercial experience of medium-speed IoT products accumulated in the domestic market over the past year. I am honoured to cooperate with our eco-system partners CTTL and Fibocom to create the successful launch of Cat 1 bis chipsets in overseas markets.”

Fibocom’s LTE Cat 1 Module L610 supports LTE, GSM dual-mode communication, VoLTE, audio, camera, LCD, keypad, and other functions. Formed as both LCC+LGA and MiniPCIe packages, it provides universal interfaces such as USB / UART / SPI / I2C / SDIO to meet various application demands of the IoT industry. The product covers the IoT market at medium- and low-speed and provides the perfect high-speed experience to all.


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