Celebrates 1,000th member joining taskforce to uphold best IR practices

Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (“HKIRA”) announces that its first virtual IR Annual Symposium (the “Symposium”) was successfully held last Friday. Over 300 participants joined the event online, sharing their views and insights on the latest trends and practices of the IR industry.

The Symposium’s theme this year is “Investor Engagement: To Infinity and Beyond” and was held at the HKEX Connect Hall. Speakers from prominent organizations and listed companies including The Hong Kong Exchange, Financial Reporting Council, Fidelity International, Tricor Services, AMTD, IHS Markit, Champion Reit, VPower Group, FTI Consulting, among others, were invited to share their experiences and insights on the most relevant topics for the financial market and investor relations profession, including but not limited to:

– Driving Financial Reporting and Audit Quality through Better Investor Engagement
– Investor Relations under New Normal
– How Technology transform the Investor Relations
– IR is a Competitive Advantage

It is the great honour of HKIRA to have Mr. Wilfred Yiu, Managing Director & Head of Markets of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited as the keynote speaker for the Symposium.

Though 2020 has been a challenging year, the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped listed companies from striving for the best IR practice, which is reflected by the steadily growing number of professionals joining the Association, showing industry practitioners’ dedication and support in advocating best IR practices in the market.

HKIRA has reached another milestone of having over a thousand members from senior management of Hong Kong listed companies, with a common goal of driving effective communications with investors to enhance corporate transparency, ultimately supporting the continuous development of Hong Kong as a key international financial centre. Professor Louis Cheng, Dr S H Ho Professor of Banking and Finance of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (Research Institute for Business), presented the Appreciation Certificate to the 1000th HKIRA member, Mr. Tomakin Lai, Executive Director & CFO of China Resources Beer.

Dr Eva Chan, Founding Chairman of HKIRA, said, “Even though under the Pandemic, we are still continuing our IR works beyond country boundary or city lockdown. IROs are doing their best to continue engagement with investors and maintain best IR standards in face of adversity brought by the pandemic.”

Moving into 2021, HKIRA will continue to promote the sustainable development of the IR industry as an indispensable part of the financial services sector. It is the association’s objective to support IROs in advancing their IR knowledge and skills, get better prepared to face the challenges ahead and adapt to the new normal of the financial industry. Being the first IR Annual Symposium streamed also in Mainland China cities this year, HKIRA is looking forward to reaching out to more IROs and financial industry practitioners stationed in the Mainland, and working together in advocating higher standards of corporate governance and transparency for listed companies in the region.

Strategic Public Relations Group is once again proud to be the Official Public Relations Partner and Diamond Sponsor of the HKIRA IR Annual Symposium 2021.

Founded in 2008 with over 1000 members mostly working for companies primarily listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (“HKIRA”) is a non-profit professional association in investor relations (“IR”), comprising IR practitioners and corporate officers, who are responsible for communications between corporate management and the investment community. HKIRA is dedicated to advocating the setting of international standards in IR education, advancing the best IR practices and catering for the professional development needs of those who are interested in pursuing a professional career in IR. HKIRA’s members are from a wide spectrum of professions including IR, finance, accounting and company secretarial to corporate investment and hold positions at different corporate levels, including top executives responsible for IR and management of listed companies. For more information about HKIRA details, please visit our website¬†http://www.hkira.com.