IGG Inc, a leading global developer and publisher of mobile games, has formed a strategic partnership with the highly popular mobile game community platform TapTap. The parties will work together to explore the opportunities available when high-quality games are matched with a high-quality platform, and strive to achieve a synergistic effect in the domestic Android game platform.

IGG has entered into a strategic partnership contract with Yiwan (Shanghai) Network Technology co., Ltd. IGG explicitly expressed that, apart from its own operating channels, future high-quality handheld Android products by IGG will be prioritized for launch on the TapTap platform in China.

Maggie, Vice President of IGG, says: “China has one of the highest number of mobile gamers in the world. There are many distribution channels in the domestic Android market, but TapTap is one of the most popular and reputable distribution channels in recent years. TapTap not only acts as an interaction platform between players, it also allows players to communicate with game vendors. Through this partnership, we hope to improve our communication with players to gather feedback, and to provide a better gaming experience for all!”

Mr. Lei Shaoman, Vice President of TapTap, says: “We are delighted to work with IGG. We hope to provide TapTap users with more great game choices, and raise global brand awareness via collaborations with global game companies, with the aim of globalizing the TapTap platform. This collaboration with IGG is an important step towards the future. After all, ‘Players select a game based on its content.’ We wish to better recommend our products to users, attract more players to TapTap, and create a positive cycle.”

The strategic partnership between IGG and TapTap will help achieve synergies and unlock new opportunities. Both parties will continue to uphold their shared principle of providing the best experiences for players, and strive to bring the game industry to greater heights. This collaboration is certainly one to watch!

About IGG Inc
Established in 2006, IGG Inc is a leading global mobile games developer and operator with headquarters in Singapore and regional offices in the United States, China, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Belarus, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Italy and Spain. IGG offers multi-language and multifarious games to users around the world. In addition to main partners Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon, the Group has established long-term partnerships with more than 100 other game promotion platforms worldwide. IGG’s most popular games include “Lords Mobile”, “Castle Clash”, “Mobile Royale” and “Dress Up! Time Princess”.