Cirtek: Community Garden Sows, Reaps and Shares!

What a fulfilling event for Cirtek Electronics Corporation (CEC)’s community garden to have finally reaped a produce of various green, leafy vegetables from its Garden of Life. After four (4) months of collective effort and labor in nurturing what used to be an idle garbage dump area of land, the dedicated employees now gathered the fruits of their cultivated garden.

What is more heart-warming from this endeavor is the opportunity to share these products by selling to the employees for a very cheap price and by donating most of these to those who are required to undergo quarantine. This so-called Quarantine Pantry contained goodies from the garden and donations from employees and management.

Organized by HR and the Medical Team, the pantry is open to any employee seeking aid for their daily sustenance. It also provides financial relief to those who have to leave work and not earn temporarily in order to follow the health protocols dictated by the government. An employee can choose from whatever is available on hand for the daily needs. The supplies are then consistently replenished by internal and external donors.

The Community Pantry benefits both ways – the employees feel they are nurtured by the company and consequently returns the gratitude with loyalty, higher productivity and efficiency.

On the same token, the company, especially management, gains more inspiration in aiding its workers for the appropriate support they require to continue with their service at Cirtek.

At this by-far the most trying times not only in the Philippines but in the whole world, the workers of Cirtek not only displayed fortitude and resiliency to fight the negative effects of COVID-19 to the semiconductor industry, but most noteworthy of it all is their show of their innate capability to care and treat the affected co-workers with love and support.

This is part of CEC’s culture – to help each other in times of need in whatever capacity each able-bodied has.
The Garden of Life and Quarantine Pantry shall be continued for as long as their existence have value, or yet may be turned over later into another form of a charitable program for whatever crisis the company might face in the future.