isense, the renowned consumer technology brand, made a significant announcement yesterday with the launch of its highly anticipated ULED X and hero U8 TV products in the United Arab Emirates region.

Recognized as the second-largest global TV brand in terms of shipments in 2022, Hisense continues to solidify its position as an industry leader.

Last year, the company’s exceptional dedication to quality was acknowledged when it received the prestigious ‘Dubai Quality Global Award’ for its outstanding range of products and services tailored specifically to the local Dubai market.

One of the highlights of Hisense’s latest offerings is the ULED X, an awe-inspiring 110-inch television that was first unveiled at this year’s CES.

This groundbreaking TV has already earned acclaim, receiving the CES 2023 Innovation Award. The ULED X boasts advanced optical systems, extraordinary image processing capabilities, and cutting-edge display technologies, setting new benchmarks for high-end LCD TV picture quality.

With heightened brightness, enhanced contrast, and an unparalleled screen image, the ULED X takes the viewing experience to unprecedented heights.

Hisense’s unwavering commitment to technological innovation is evident through its extensive investment in research and development.

The company operates 23 R&D centers worldwide, ensuring continuous advancements and breakthroughs in its products. Moreover, Hisense recognizes the significance of local talent in delivering quality technological appliances.

The company has made substantial investments in recruiting and retaining the best professionals in sales, marketing, supply chains, and various other roles, thus fostering a highly localized professional operations team.

During the product launch event in Dubai, Jerry Liu, Vice President of Hisense International, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our Dubai Company has experienced remarkable growth as one of Hisense’s fastest-growing overseas entities. Over the past few years, Hisense’s brand awareness in the UAE market has surged from 48% to an impressive 73%, marking a remarkable growth of 25 percentage points. The brand equity has also soared from 57 to 145, indicating an extraordinary growth rate of over 154%. Year after year, Hisense’s brand influence continues to expand, positioning it as a key player in the UAE market and greatly expanding its reach. Our core mission is to lead the way in scientific and technological innovation, spearhead intelligent manufacturing, and bring joy to millions of families through our high-quality products and services.”

With a presence in over 160 countries, Hisense is a globally recognized brand specializing in home appliances and consumer electronics. The company’s comprehensive business portfolio encompasses multimedia products, home appliances, and intelligent information technology, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. –