The difference between a good airline and a great airline is made by a set of certain features that only a few names in the industry have to offer. A great airline is one that is not only punctual but also provides exceptional customer service and prioritizes passenger comfort. Let us take a look at some of the features that make a great airline.


Punctuality is one of the most sought-after features for passengers nowadays. Passengers prefer an airline like Cathay, that provides them with a smooth and timely travel experience. Airlines that adhere to schedule and are punctual instill confidence in passengers and also contribute to the overall efficiency of air travel. These are the ones that consistently receive high ratings and positive reviews from passengers because of their punctuality and on-time performance.

Food and In-Flight Meals

There is no question about this one. Food and in-flight meals can make or break the reputation of an airline. It is one of the first features that passengers comment about when they have a good or bad experience. Talking about food has become a necessity for most travelers after a flight, due to which airlines need to focus on their in-flight meal offerings.

Passengers’ expectations of in-flight meals and food are also growing as they anticipate more and better food options from airlines. Therefore, great airlines have shifted their focus on boosting their culinary credentials and taking the help of world-class chefs to create tempting menus. They also provide a variety of food cuisines from around the world to further enhance their in-flight meal offerings. SIA is a renowned airline that is famous for its quality in-flight meal offerings.

In-Flight Entertainment

How can we forget about entertainment because it is one of the most important features that passengers look for? Entertainment is the key to an airline’s success because in-flight entertainment can take the passenger experience to the next level and ensure that passengers have a nice, relaxed flight. 

Great airlines differentiate from their competitors and provide customers with the in-flight entertainment features that they are looking for, especially during long-haul flights. For instance, they provide their passengers with access to the latest movies, music, TV shows, and games to make sure that they stay entertained during their flights.

Customer Service

Great customer service is one of the top features that differentiates a great airline from a good one. In order to achieve passenger satisfaction and passenger loyalty, great customer service is a must. There are various examples of airlines going above and beyond to enhance the customer experience. Etihad and Qatar Airways are famous for their excellent and customer-friendly service. These airlines provide their passengers with extra amenities to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with the service that they are receiving. 

Therefore, for an airline to be considered among the top ones, it must provide top-class customer service to its passengers. Otherwise, it will end up receiving poor reviews from passengers.


The physical comfort and the overall environment that an airline provides in its flights are also important for passengers. Comfortable seating arrangements and a nice cabin layout contribute significantly to a positive travel experience. Great airlines are the ones that pay special heed to the physical comfort of passengers and make sure that they have implemented ergonomic seating and design.

For instance, a great airline like Air New Zealand introduced an innovative feature called Skycouch which allows a row of three economy seats to be converted into a flat-bed, allowing passengers in economy class to have a comfortable flight.