The IMAX Theatre at SM City Cebu continues to redefine the movie-watching experience for Cebuanos.

Known for its state-of-the-art technology and immersive viewing experience, the IMAX Theatre is the go-to destination for film enthusiasts who seek unparalleled visual and audio quality.

This month, moviegoers have the perfect opportunity to witness the magic of “Inside Out 2” in IMAX.

The critically acclaimed Pixar film, which takes audiences on an emotional journey through the mind of an 11-year-old girl, is best experienced on the IMAX screen.

The theatre’s advanced projection system delivers crystal-clear images with vibrant colors, making the film’s stunning animation even more breathtaking.

Coupled with a powerful sound system, the IMAX Theatre ensures that every laugh, tear, and heartwarming moment of “Inside Out” is felt more deeply. The expansive screen and precise audio placement make viewers feel as though they are inside the mind of Riley, the film’s protagonist, experiencing her emotions firsthand.

“Inside Out 2” is a film that explores the complexities of human emotions with creativity and depth, and seeing it in IMAX amplifies its impact.

The theatre’s design, which features stadium seating and a curved screen, ensures that every seat provides an optimal view, allowing audiences to fully immerse themselves in the film’s imaginative world.

Don’t miss out on this unique cinematic experience. Head over to the IMAX Theatre at SM City Cebu and see why “Inside Out” is a must-watch on the big screen.

Secure your tickets now and prepare to be transported into a world where joy, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust come to life like never before.