Milk Tea Poisoning Kills 2 in Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Two peopled died while one remains in critical condition after drinking what authorities believed was contaminated milk tea in Sampaloc, Manila.

Authorities are now investigating the alleged milk tea poisoning following the incident involvingĀ Suzaine Dagohoy, 28, and her boyfriend Arnold Aydalla, 34.

The Homicide Section of the Manila Police District said Dagohoy and Aydalla ordered Hokkaido milk tea at a tea house in Bustillos St. when the notice that odd taste of the milk tea.

The two complained to the owner of the tea house, William Abrigo, 57, about the taste of the milk tea, prompting Abrigo to taste the milk tea himself.

Minutes later, Dagohoy and Aydalla lost consciousness while the milk tea house owner also complaint of feeling dizzy.

milk-teaThe three were rushed to a hospital in Sampaloc but Dagohoy and the milk tea house owner died a few minutes later.

Aydalla was still fighting for his life as of this posting.

The police said the bodies of the two fatalities will be subjected to an autopsy to determine the type of chemical that caused the food poisoning.

Milk tea is a popular health drink in the Philippines, where a huge chunk of the population is suffering from diabetes due to the intake of softdrinks.

Milk tea is any of variety of beverage found in many cultures, containing some combination of tea and milk. Beverages vary based on the amount of each of the key ingredients, the method of preparation, and the inclusion of other ingredients. –

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  1. Please kindly update me to what happen in the investigation i want to know how this people have been poisoned? i need to know if its the tea, milk, hokkaido powder they used, or the pearl. Thanks in advance..

  2. Yikes! Scary talaga milk tea, ano ano powder mix in with the tea. Not natural, puro chemicals for artificial flavoring. Ingat nalang tayo sa mga milk tea.

  3. I don’t think that the expired milk, powder or tea, whichever, cause the death and severe poisoning to the survivor. I am not an expert but based on the facts stated, the reaction of the poison on their body is too fast.

  4. omg terrible incident. i cannot believe they died so quick,how impossible d milk tea is poisonous unless someone put poison in it without owner knowing. hmm very mysteriouse…hope they find out soon