Australian Inmate Kills Self in Cebu Jail

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES – An Australian national who was facing charges on Anti-Human Trafficking Law hanged himself to death inside his detention cell at the Cebu Provincial Detention (CPDRC) and Rehabilitation Center Saturday dawn.

CPDRC Jail Warden Romeo Manansala said Hilton Reece Munro, 42, an Australian teacher, used his blanket in committing the suicide.

Initial investigation showed that the Australian inmate killed himself due to alleged depression.

Sources said the inmate was alone in his cell and had shown signs of depression due to the slow movement of his case.

Munro was arrested in July 2013 and was charged over the alleged sexual abuse of four boys in Cebu.

Munro used another minor to lure a group of boys to stay with him in a resort in exchange for some amount of cash.

The Cebu Provincial Prosecutor’s Office recommended no bail against Munro and a taxi driver who were charged with Expanded Anti-Trafficking Law.

State Prosecutor Dionilo Mantos has found probable cause to indict Munro, 45, a resident of Shepherd St., Hongkong and Gilbert Andrada, 41, resident of Cebu City, for violation of the RA 10364 otherwise known as the Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012.

The two were likewise indicted for child abuse wherein each of them were allowed P80,000 bail.

Although they were allowed bail for child abuse, the accused remained in jail for human trafficking where there was no bail recommended.

Munro and Andrada were arrested on July 12, 2013 in Estaca, Compostela in the company of five minors.

The minors aged 10 to 13 were allegedly recruited by Munro and transported to Compostela in connivance with Andrada.

Police investigation shows that the minors were recruited for sexual exploitation. They were allegedly ordered to pose naked in front of the camera. –