Five Children Among Dead in Texas Home Standoff


HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS – A police stand-off in a Harris County home in Texas Saturday night resulted to the death of five children and three adults, police said.

A 49-year-old male suspect was arrested but his relationship to the victims has not been established as of this time.

Deputy Thomas Gilliland told the police that details about the gruesome death have been limited as of this posting. How the victims died was also still not disclosed.

“The police are still searching for a motive,” Gilliland told reporters.

Officers who were called to the Harris County house to arrest the suspect for firing a gun were shocked to see a body of a child through a window.

The man had an outstanding warrant for the aggravated assault of a family member. As the police were about to arrest the suspect, one of the officers peeked into the window and saw the body of a child.

“A sergeant and three deputies made entry into the house and at that point the 49-year-old subject began to shoot a weapon in the house. Our deputies pulled back and formed a perimeter,” Gilliland said.

The suspect was arrested without incident an hour later, the police said. –