APEC Organizers Say Cebu Hotel Rates Market Driven, Not Overpriced


The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation National Organizing Council (APEC NOC) has released the result of its investigation on the alleged overpricing of hotel rooms rates in Cebu ahead of the APEC meetings late this month.

Ambassador Marciano Paynor Jr, Director General of the APEC NOC, said the rates set by the nine accredited hotels are not overpriced and are aligned by the rates imposed by their global networks.

Paynor said his office has been informed that certain accredited hotels for the Senior Officials’ Meeting scheduled to be held in Cebu in Semptember have quoted significantly higher rates.

“We have verified that such rate-setting is market-driven and is aligned with rates charged by hotels that are part of their global networks,” Paynor said in a written statement.

Paynor also stressed that participants to all APEC meetings have been advised through an Administrative Circular regarding conference venues and hotel accommodations well in advance in order to enable them to make sufficient preparations.

The conference venues were chosen in accordance with international standards and the list of accredited hotels was drawn up to provide the participants a wide range of choices.

“Those who opt to stay in hotels other than those used as conference venues are provided shuttle transportation for their convenience,” the statement reads.

There are a total of nine hotels that have been accredited for the Cebu meetings next month and more than 30 others to choose from.

“We wish to assure all delegates and participants that there are sufficient accommodations that can be provided to suit their needs,” Paynor said in the statement. – BusinessNewsAsia.com