Breaking News: Global Sell Off Continues; Dow Suffers Losses


Global stock market sell off continues Monday as China’s stock market falls again, causing worries among investors.

Four minutes after the opening bell, the Dow fell as much as 6 percent as massive sell-off took place. At one point, it was down 1,000 points.

China’s manufacturing activity, which hits its slowest in 77 months, was among the factors that triggered the massive global sell-off

  • All major European markets were also down by on 6 percent range
  • The Shanghai composite index was down more than 8 percent
  • Other major markets in Asia plunged Monday between 4 and 5 percent
  • Indian stocks also down

Economists, however, ┬ásaid that investors need not panic and just clisely monitor the movement then look for opportunities. –