This Week’s Top 10 Philippine Stocks

Philippine Stock Exchange

[] Philippine stocks further dipped on Friday’s close on the continued global weakness and the impending US Fed rate hike. The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) lost 0.17 percent or 12.05 points to end the week at 6,897.77 points.


All Shares suffered steeper decline after ending Friday’s trade with a 0.72 percent plunge, or 28.78 points less than the previous trading, to 3978.30 points.

Among the Indexes, only the Holding Firms stocks managed to get into the green, gaining 0.52 percent, or 33.83 points, to 6,545.93.

Top gainer on Friday was Ionics Inc (PSE:ION), which gained 21.43 percent to trade at Php2.10 a share at the close. Top loser was Starmalls, Inc (PSE:STR), which shed 49.61 percent, or Php3.89, after it was acquired by Vista Land.

Among the blue chip stocks, San Miguel Corporation (PSE:SMC) managed to post the highest gains on Friday at 5.32 percent, followed by Ayala Corporation (PSE:AC), which gained 4.12 percent.

Here are this week’s top 10 stocks:

Alterra Capital Parners Inc (PSE:ALT)
Alterra Capital is this week’s top price gainers, with a total of 38.89 percent weekly gains, trading at Php4.00 a share at the close. Its 4-week gain, however, is lower at 26.98 percent.

F&J Prince Holdings Corporation “B” (PSE:FJPB)
F&J Prince gained 16.44 percent this week, bringing its total 4-week comparative price change to 37.89 percent. The stock closed at Php5.24 a share on Friday.

LT Group Inc (PSE:LTG)
LT Group ended the week at Php13.88 a share, with a week-long gains of 13.77 percent and a 4-week comparative price change of 22.61.

F&J Prince Holdings Corporation “A” (PSE:FJP)
F&J Prince Holdings Corporation “A” gained 11.37 percent this week, bringing its 4-week total to 26.01 percent. The stock traded at Php4.70 a share on Friday.

AgriNurture Inc (PSE:ANI)
AgriNurture Inc gained 11.17 percent this week, bringing its 4-week comparative price change to 43.15 percent. Its shares were trading at Php2.09 apiece.

Liberty Flour Mills Inc (PSE:LFM)
This week – 10.82 percent
Four weeks – 21.21 percent
Price: Php42.00

Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corporation “A” (PSE:OPM)
This week – 10 percent
Four weeks – 12.24 percent
Price: Php0.011

DoubleDragon Properties Corp (PSE:DD)
This week – 9.90 percent
Four weeks – 14.21 percent
Price: Php22.75

Holcim Philippines Inc (PSE:HLCM)
This week – 9.76 percent
Four weeks – 7.66 percent
Price: Php14.62

Seafront Resources Corp (PSE:SPM)
This week – 9.67 percent
Four weeks – 9.26 percent
Price: Php2.95