Marriage of Strengths to Develop High-Quality Financial Services

HONG KONG — Neo Telemedia Limited (“Neo Telemedia” or the “Group”; stock code: 8167) announced that it has signed a non-legally binding, save for the confidentiality clause, strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with China Taiping Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“TPLHK”) on 27 February 2017.

The two companies agreed in principle to actively explore different forms of cooperation and jointly develop financial business.

As one of the professional life insurance subsidiaries of China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company Limited (“China Taiping”), TPLHK manages the operation of China Taiping’s life insurance, annuity life insurance and permanent health insurance businesses in Hong Kong.

Relying on China Taiping’s large-scale operation projects and its one-stop comprehensive financial and insurance services platform, TPLHK established a strong foothold in Hong Kong and serves Hong Kong with the management philosophy of “Build with Integrity; Prosper with Profitability; Manage with Professionalism; Strengthen with Unities”.

TPLHK endeavors in providing high-quality professional one-stop financial and insurance services to wide range of customers.

In accordance with applicable laws, regulations and regulatory policies, the Group and/or its subsidiaries and/or associated companies and TPLHK and/or its subsidiaries and/or associated companies will work together in areas such as insurance intermediary services, sales of products and service innovation.

Capitalizing on the Group’s advantages in Big Data and the technology sector as well as its extensive customer resources, the Group and TPLHK together will be able to provide all-round value-added services to customers.

The Group believes the strategic cooperation will bring in new businesses to the Group and emerge as a profits growth driver of the Group, which will generate greater returns for its shareholders. –