PERTH, W. AUSTRALIA – Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd (PILL; ASX:PIQ) is the leader in predictive diagnostics for diabetic kidney disease, according to an independent Frost & Sullivan report released this month. PILL managing director Dr Richard Lipscombe is in Shanghai this week meeting with possible commercialisation partners for China, and was showcasing PromarkerD at the China-Australia Biotech Investment forum in Shanghai today.

Managing Director Dr Richard Lipscombe, PILL Laboratories, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Perth, Western Australia.

Dr Lipscombe said the new report, titled Biomarkers Enabling Diabetes and Obesity Management, identifies PromarkerD as the world leader. The report says novel biomarker research is likely to transform the future of obesity and diabetes management.

Frost & Sullivan states that novel tools like PromarkerD can allow enhanced management of obesity, diabetes and related complications in the near future, and goes on to highlight PILL’s novel test for diabetic kidney disease noting its high adoption potential.[1]

PromarkerD technology has also been validated by the peer-reviewed scientific journal EuPA Open Proteomics, the official journal of the European Proteomics Association (EuPA).[2]

There is currently no available test for predicting the onset of diabetic kidney disease and Frost & Sullivan suggest PILL is one of only two companies worldwide developing such a test. Results have shown PromarkerD can correctly predict 95% of previously kidney disease-free diabetic patients who go on to develop chronic kidney disease.

PILL already has a deal in place with Chinese biopharmaceutical company Newsummit Biopharma Co. (NSB) to manufacture the PromarkerD kit in China. The process includes engagement of Key Opinion Leaders and Hospitals, who will facilitate validation of the completed kit.

Publication details
[1] ‘Biomarkers Enabling Diabetes and Obesity Management’ published by Frost & Sullivan, March 2, 2017.
[2] ‘Comprehensive Mass Spectrometry Based Biomarker Discovery and Validation Platform as Applied to Diabetic Kidney Disease’ published in EuPA Open Proteomics, the official journal of the European Proteomics Association, March 1, 2017.
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PromarkerD – a predictive diagnostic test for diabetic kidney disease —

The EuPA journal article followed evaluation by independent scientific experts and serves to verify the process used to develop and test PILL’s PromarkerD protein ‘fingerprint’ that measures kidney disease in patients with diabetes. This novel test can both diagnose and predict disease.

In diabetic patients already suffering from chronic kidney disease PromarkerD could diagnose the presence of disease that was missed by the current gold standard tests (known as the ACR and eGFR tests).

Critically, PromarkerD can also predict the onset of disease before clinical symptoms appear. In an extension of the published work 576 patients were followed in a four-year longitudinal clinical study. PromarkerD correctly predicted 95% of the previously kidney disease-free diabetic patients who went on to develop chronic kidney disease.