TOKYO — Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., or TEPCO, has announced a £500,000 equity investment in Moixa Energy Holdings, the UK’s leading residential battery and platform for managing storage services. (CEO: Simon Daniel, Headquarters: London).

“We are excited to welcome Moixa to our modest, but growing portfolio of innovative companies,” said Hirokazu Yamaguchi, Executive General Manager, Global Innovation & Investments at TEPCO. “Moixa has developed a robust battery storage and smart energy-sharing platform. We look forward to gaining hands-on experience for the benefit of our customers.”

David Thomlinson, Chairman of Moixa and former Global Head of Energy at Accenture, said, “Having previously worked with TEPCO, I am particularly pleased to be able to partner with this leading Japanese corporate to bring the Moixa technology to new markets.”

The energy industry is undergoing a transformative change, empowered by new technologies and driven by consumers. Technologies such as distributed solar and batteries are enabling innovative new ways of producing, consuming and sharing energy. This in turn permits consumers to increasingly and proactively engage the energy industry as “prosumers”, who both produce and consume energy.

Moixa offers a compact and affordable smart battery for residential customers that helps households to save money by storing spare solar or cheap tariff electricity. In addition, Moixa’s innovative cloud-based GridShare platform helps manage and aggregate distributed storage resources, thereby delivering grid services and savings for the energy system.