HONG KONG — GF Securities Co., Ltd. (“GF Securities” or “the Company”; HKSE: 1776; SZSE: 000776) and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center (“HKUST Entrepreneurship Center”, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, “HKUST”) jointly held a public lecture yesterday on campus, aiming to promote the “HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition”, and attracted numerous students and start-up-ers. Since 2011, the “One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition” (“he Competition”) has been held for six consecutive years, with divisions extending to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Macau. Being the Platinum sponsor of the Hong Kong Division, GF Securities has fully participated and supported the event.

In recent years, start-ups have sprung up all over the country. “The 7th HKUST Million Dollar International Entrepreneurship Competition” has attracted nearly 100 entries in Hong Kong division only, with total over 900 teams in all five divisions. As the Platinum sponsor, GF Securities, drawing from its professional expertise, gave a public lecture named “Startup Exit Strategy and a Brief Introduction to the Securities Market in China” for college students in Hong Kong. This will give young entrepreneurs a better understanding of capital markets and help equip them to manage successful start-ups. The public lecture was presented by Ms. Wang Chumei, Senior Vice President of GF Securities’ Investment Banking Division. She made comparisons between the listing process in Hong Kong and China, capital withdrawal strategies for start-up companies and the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process. The lecture helped college students gain a better business prospective, and enabled them to plan better for future start-ups. The lecture was successful and met with enthusiastic responses. Ms. Wang stayed after the lecture to answer all of the questions and enquiries raised by students.

GF Securities is one of the first full-service investment banks in China. The Company was successfully listed on the main boards of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, in 2010 and 2015, respectively. It is fully licensed to provide comprehensive coverage across: investment banking, wealth management, trading and institutional client services, and investment management. Balanced development of each business line has helped GF Securities to achieve top rankings throughout capital markets in China. The Company is devoted to serving high quality SMEs and high net-worth clients throughout Asia. The investment banking division has a large reserve of SME clients which have become leading enterprises across various industries. GF Securities possesses valuable experience and professional expertise in singling out value creating start-ups for cultivation. Furthermore, the Company’s holdings include GF Xinde Investment Management Corporation Limited, GF Qianhe investment Corporation Limited and GF Holdings (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited etc. These subsidiaries are experienced at navigating capital markets and focus on equity investment through SMEs. Being a major sponsor of the competition, jointly with HKUST, GF Securities, will provide invaluable knowledge for students, and help the youth to achieve their aspirations.

Placing a lot of emphasis on “corporate citizenship”, GF Securities, while seizing opportunities for continual development, has strictly adhered to promoting public welfare as they grow. In 2011, GF Securities Co., Ltd., GF Fund Management Co., Ltd., GF Futures Co., Ltd. and GF Xinde Investment Management Co., Ltd. jointly set up the “GF Securities Social Charity Foundation” (“the Foundation”) which includes various social responsibility initiatives, of which the micro-entrepreneurship program is an essential part. From 2015 to 2016, the Foundation organized various activities, such as “Micro-entrepreneurial Action for College Students” and “Seeking Entrepreneurial Heroes” in China. The Foundation has contributed a total of RMB8 million in support of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Mr. Lin Zhihai, President of GF Securities and Chairman of GF Securities Social Charity Foundation, said, “In recent years, business connections between Hong Kong and the Mainland have been increasingly closer. Meanwhile, the capital market in Hong Kong enjoys a high degree of internationalization, and attracts many investors and entrepreneurs worldwide every year, providing a good platform for start-ups. GF Securities, as a provider of comprehensive capital market services focuses on serving China’s high-quality SMEs and affluent individuals, is willing to actively encourage the youth in Hong Kong to start businesses and cultivate outstanding entrepreneurs. In 2017, GF Securities will continue to implement the unity of social and economic benefits. While striving to create value for shareholders and customers, the Company will actively participate in social charity events, and increase efforts to alleviate poverty. GF Securities goal is to be an internationally competitive investment bank with a widely recognized global brand. “.