– Strives to promote sustainable growth of the industry
– Expands talent pool and enhances professionalism of the insurance sector

HONG KONG — To drive long term development of the insurance sector, the HKSAR Government has launched a three-year Pilot Programme to Enhance Training (“the Insurance Pilot Programme”) in August 2016 to introduce to the general public, students and in-service practitioners the professionalism of and diversified career opportunities in the insurance industry. The Insurance Pilot Programme emphasises promotional activities that target students and graduates, so as to equip them with a comprehensive knowledge on the different functional layers and career prospects of the insurance industry, and thereby attracting them into the industry. Through different initiatives, the programme seeks to attract talents to join the middle and back office of the industry and to deepen young people’s understanding on this front, as well as to enhance the professional knowledge of in-service practitioners.

The Insurance Pilot Programme is launched by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (“FSTB”), which comprises the “Public Education Programme”, “Financial Incentive Scheme for Professional Training”, “Summer Internship Programme” and “Work-and-Learn Programme”. Events under the Insurance Pilot Programme are jointly organised by FSTB and the industry.

1) The “Public Education Programme” aims to promote public awareness of the wide range of career opportunities and prospects in the insurance sector, as well as to promote the professional image of the industry to the community via various publicity activities and channels. Planned activities include:

A. Public Seminar – “Explore Your Future”
The Public Seminar, “Explore Your Future”, to be held on 8 July 2017 (Saturday) at Room 701, Yeung Kai-yin Memorial Lecture Theatre, VTC Tower, 27 Wood Road, Wan Chai, will introduce to parents and young people the different professional positions, interesting work experiences, career paths and prospects of the insurance sector, thus allowing the public to have a deeper understanding of the insurance industry. The seminar will feature veterans from the middle and back office of insurance companies to share their experiences and insights, while Mrs. Mak Ho Siu Kuen, famous parenting book author, and Ms. Alison Chang, an experienced head-hunter, will share their parenting tips with the parents.

B. Website
The website of the Insurance Pilot Programme ( www.instalent.org.hk ) contains details of different initiatives and activities, corresponding application forms for public reference and download. An interactive learning platform relating to the insurance sector will soon be launched, where users can play online interactive games and download learning materials to enhance their knowledge of the insurance sector.

C. Promotional Video
The Insurance Pilot Programme has invited Miss Hunny, a social media celebrity, Mr. Vincent Ng, renowned former news anchor and several young athletes and talents to produce promotional videos featuring the professional image of the insurance industry and the various functions of and career paths in the industry in an interesting and lively way. The videos seek to help young people better understand the industry. The promotional videos will be launched in July and August.

D. Insurance Industry News Reporting Video Competition
The seminar and workshops of the Insurance Industry News Reporting Video Competition were held in April this year. Secondary and tertiary students, teachers and career counsellors in secondary schools were able to learn more about the different career opportunities and prospects of the insurance sector through the competition. The entries will be uploaded onto the dedicated website (m21.hk/news_story/) in August for public voting online. The winners will be announced in September.

E. Other promotions
To reach out to the public through print, online and social media, such as in the form of advertorials, advertisements and printed goods, to share educational information, promotional materials and anecdotes of activities on the social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as to produce brochures, animation, comics, learning materials, short online films, etc.

2) The “Financial Incentive Scheme for Professional Training” mainly subsidies the three Self-regulatory Organisations, namely the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, the Confederation of Insurance Brokers and the Professional Insurance Brokers Association in organising quality professional training courses on functional or topical areas of insurance for practitioners. As at 31 March 2017, the scheme has subsidised 11 courses with over HK$1.5 million, and 718 attendances have been recorded. The first round of the scheme has been well received by the sector as reflected in the average enrolment rate of over 96% and half of the courses were fully enrolled.

3) This year, the two-month “Summer Internship Programme”, which provides university students an exposure to the middle and back office operation of the industry, has received 216 applications for the 106 internship positions. Student interns will be paid a monthly honorarium, of which 75% or HK$7,000 (whichever is lower) will be subsidised by the Government.

4) During the 16-month traineeship under the “Work-and-Learn Programme”, participants will have a chance to work in the middle and back offices of insurance companies or professional intermediaries/insurance brokers where they will receive on-the-job training. They will work four days a week and attend classes for one day at the VTC for the Professional Diploma in Insurance. Student enrolment for the third cohort of the Programme will be completed in July this year.

Details of the Insurance Pilot Programme and information on the latest activities can be found on www.instalent.org.hk.