SYDNEY, AUS — Asia Pacific specialist CRO Novotech announced today it has expanded its business offering to include central lab services through a preferred partnership agreement with Sonic Clinical Trials, an affiliate of international healthcare company, Sonic Healthcare.

Through this unique partnership, Novotech clients will be able to select from a wide menu of assays or biomarkers, access a trial-specific kit assembly service and use a single clinical trial-dedicated laboratory with a global reach, for priority processing of clinical trial samples.

Announcing the new partnership, Novotech CEO Dr. John Moller said, “Novotech has always focused on offering flexible and cost effective clinical trial solutions. Through our partnership with Sonic Clinical Trials, our clients will experience a seamless integration of laboratory services and clinical trial data management by Novotech. From the start to finish, our clients are supported by a team of dedicated project managers.

“Another key benefit to our clients is the fact that Sonic Clinical Trials is pre-audited and an approved Novotech vendor. This removes our clients’ need to undertake their own central lab vendor assurance – providing a further savings in cost and clinical trial time.”

Sonic Clinical Trials is a registered Research Service Provider (RSP) with AusIndustry, a division of the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

“Sonic Clinical Trials’ RSP status assists our eligible international clients when accessing the Australian R&D Tax Incentive Scheme. Research from a recent Frost and Sullivan white paper revealed that eligible companies can conduct early stage clinical trials 60% more cheaply in Australia than the USA,” explained Dr. Moller.

“Novotech’s size and Asia Pacific focus allows our clients to enjoy a direct, hands-on approach to accessing some of the largest patient pools in the world, but we balance this with providing global gold-standard central laboratory services and data management platforms.”

About Australian R&D Tax Incentive Scheme

Through the Australian R&D Tax Incentive Scheme, eligible companies may claim a 43.5% R&D tax refund on eligible R&D expenditure. For more information about this scheme, see the joint Novotech / Frost & Sullivan white paper, “Australia: The preferred destination for early phase clinical trials”, Mar. 31, 2017.