– Tailored medical coverage for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and pre-diabetes patients
– Access to healthy lifestyle incentives and community support

HONG KONG — Cigna Hong Kong has today launched Cigna HealthFirst DiaMedic Plan (“DiaMedic”), a medical insurance solution tailored to the needs of individuals suffering from diabetes and pre-diabetes in Hong Kong. One in 10 people in Hong Kong suffer from diabetes[1], and the Hong Kong Hospital Authority reported a 31.5% increase in patients seeking consultation between 2009/10 and 2014/15[2]. DiaMedic is specifically designed to address the rising medical bills of these patients, who are frequently denied medical insurance coverage or face large premiums.

According to a recent survey conducted by local diabetes patient support group Angel of Diabetic (“AOD”), over 90% of diabetics want medical insurance but only around 32% are protected by a medical insurance plan. The survey also found that some diabetes patients have been denied medical insurance (55%), and have had diabetes-related complications excluded from their policy (30%).

“Cigna understands that people in Hong Kong who are at risk of diabetes, or are already a diabetic, find it difficult to obtain adequate protection locally. This is why we developed Cigna HealthFirst DiaMedic Plan, which offers a holistic solution to address Hong Kong people’s diabetes rehabilitation needs,” said Mr. Ramsy Yeung, Chief Marketing Officer, Cigna Hong Kong.

“While diabetes is a chronic disease, it can be effectively managed through a combination of smart diet, exercise and medicine. Patients with manageable conditions can live a normal life through community support and contact with others afflicted with the disease. We have introduced additional health and well-being related features to DiaMedic, to offer a comprehensive medical insurance plan to help people manage their health proactively and cultivate a healthier lifestyle with tailored services and rewards,” added Mr. Yeung.

In addition to reimbursements of most incurred expenses for in-patient treatment[3], DiaMedic provides for up to 12 General Practitioner Outpatient Consultations every policy year. Customers with inpatient treatment due to diabetes will be assisted by a designated Care Manager upon hospital admission, in-hospital support and post-discharge follow-ups.

Customers are entitled to a free annual diabetic medical check-up under DiaMedic. They can enjoy an annual health reward of up to HK$3,500 based on the results of their latest report[4]. A one-year free trial of the premium version of a top healthcare mobile app is also available, to help customers monitor their blood glucose level and support a healthy lifestyle. Customers will also be automatically enrolled as a member of Angel of Diabetic, where they can join classes on healthy lifestyles, receive diabetes-related consultation services and, most importantly, receive support from others facing the same situation as they strive towards a healthier lifestyle.

“Cigna is dedicated to providing the right solutions to meet Hong Kong’s diverse medical insurance needs. The Cigna HealthFirst DiaMedic Plan demonstrates our mission to improve the health, well-being, and sense of security not only of our customers, but of the whole community where we live and work,” concluded Mr. Yeung.