HONG KONG — FDG Electric Vehicles Limited is pleased to announce that the first American shipment of electric trucks began making its way to the United States today.

This is not only a significant milestone for FDG and Chanje, but also a significant milestone for the Chinese and American pure electric vehicle industries. FDG established Chanje as the international brand, as it resembles FDG’s domestic brand Changjiang. The co-developed ground-up electric vehicles are internationally recognised, the quality are of international standards and the products are fully exportable. The commercial electric vehicles have been homologated in the U.S. and have also been qualified for California’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) eligibility list, indicating the products have earned full accreditations.

The U.S. is generally known to have extremely stringent requirements for new energy vehicle imports. The V8070 model exported to the U.S. is built and developed with the strictest standards and processes, and is forwardly-engineered for the U.S. market. The product has gone through a full year of system tests – from carrying out 47 American standardization certifications to conducting components design verification tests; and from conducting system performance tests to conducting road tests. Among the 20 tests that have been done, 5 tests were conducted directly on U.S. soil whilst the remaining 15 tests were conducted in China’s most authoritative China Automotive Technology & Research Centre (CATARC) with on-site guidance from American experts.

The V8070 model is a forwardly-engineered pure electric vehicle built from the ground up. The V8070 has passed U.S. homologation tests and fully complies with American traffic regulations.

Mr. Zhong Cao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FDG Electric Vehicles Limited said, “Today is an important date for the Chinese and American electric vehicle industry. I am very excited to bring FDG-made electric vehicles to the United States. We are going to seize every opportunity and to continue to focus on quality. Today’s first shipment to the U.S. proves that we are a truly global pure electric vehicle manufacturer. We are very happy to bring FDG-made pure electric vehicles to the international stage for the first time.”

Bryan Hansel, CEO, Chanje said “The early response to our medium-duty electric vehicles has been overwhelmingly positive. We already have volume orders and it is a momentous occasion that we can begin to fulfilling U.S. orders for a ground-up electric truck and clean up American fleets.”

A new all-electric delivery truck is on the way, and it’s not from Tesla

Chanje’s vision sounds a lot like Tesla’s: electric vehicles recharged via clean rooftop solar power.

But the new company has no interest in the automobile market. Instead, it’s entering what it believes to be a lucrative niche in medium-duty electric trucks. Few such trucks exist. Most medium-duty electric trucks are internal-combustion vehicles hand-converted to run on electric motors and batteries. Chanje’s trucks are not concept vehicles or prototypes. They’re ready for sale, and the Los Angeles company plans to begin selling or leasing them within weeks.

Reported by Los Angeles Times:
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Chanje electric delivery truck from China to go on sale this year

A new electric-vehicle company called Chanje isn’t focused on cars; instead, has set its sights on what it believes is a prime market for electric vehicles. That market is medium-duty delivery trucks, of which there are 7 million in the United States. About 500,000 new commercial-delivery trucks are sold each year. Chanje’s electric truck, its sole U.S. product, is built from the ground up and differs from those created by companies that rely on retrofitting current commercial trucks. Although the company is based in California, its success also rides on China: Chanje is owned by Hong Kong’s FDG, which makes battery cells and packs in mainland China. The electric delivery trucks are sold in China under the Changjiang brand name and a couple of thousand have already been delivered. Chanje’s first electric trucks will be produced in China, though the company plans to move production to the United States if it finds the success it believes awaits.

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