SPRINT as the US National Retail Carrier Partner

Chairman and CEO of Sky Light – Mr. Terry Tang and Founder of ION360 – Mr. Giovanni Tomaselli

HONG KONG — Sky Light Holdings Limited (“Sky Light” or the “Group”) (stock code: 3882), a leading smart imaging device and solutions provider for the home surveillance cameras and a pioneer in the virtual reality (“VR”) industry, has announced the worldwide general availability of its own branded ION360 U — the world’s most portable, connected, immersive 360-degree camera — and an agreement with Sprint as the national retail carrier partner for the new camera. The product is now available in all of Sprint’s nationwide corporate retail locations.

The new 360-degree camera is a smart accessory that attaches directly to mobile devices, allowing users to instantly capture and share 360-degree images and 4K live streaming video with one touch — no syncing or downloading content required. The small camera case snaps easily onto smartphones transforming them into a full 360-degree camera. Users can share their stories from every angle without changing the way they interact with their mobile device. The ION360 U is the only mobile 360-degree smart accessory that supplies power to the camera. Additionally, when not in use for the camera functions, the case also serves as a battery charger to the smartphone.

The camera is already enjoying strong industry and consumer adoption. Facebook has certified the camera as 360-degree ready for its Live 360 Ready Program and has deployed cameras to its community where they are being used to capture a wide range of immersive experiences globally. The ION360 U makes it possible to livestream 4K video in seconds.

The ION360 U is available for the Apple 7 and 7 Plus iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. The iPhone version can be purchased in Sprint stores in the United States and on its website, with Samsung Galaxy devices to be available starting on October 27. The camera is also sold directly on the ION360 site.

The ION360 U app is available for download in both the Apple App StoreTM and Google Play StoreTM. The intuitive app automatically starts when the camera is attached to the phone, giving users an instantaneous ability to capture their 360-degree image or video.

Mr. Tang Wing Fong Terry, Chairman of Sky Light, said, “The successful launch of our 360-degree camera marks another major milestone for the Group to become a brand-driven smart imaging devices and solutions provider. We will continue to maintain our market position through a broader product portfolio, thereby aiming to expand revenue streams and create long term and stable returns to our shareholders.”

Being on the edge of the explosive growth of VR on social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube the ION360 U will help fuel that growth precisely because the camera and integrated app gives users an easy way to capture and share content in real time and from a fully immersive perspective.

A quick overview of the camera’s specifications includes:
– All-in-one 360-degree camera that attaches to smartphones
– No impact on phone battery: ION360 U case can charge both camera and phone as needed
– Two cameras each with 7.4 megapixels and 200 degrees that can be perfectly stitched to true 360-degree video and images
– Quick and seamless immersive stitching
– Two hours of recording time in 4K video
– Live streaming to 360-degree capable on social media platforms*
– Custom ION360 app that automatically launches the camera function
Full camera details can be found here:
*Facebook and YouTube platforms